Gout in Feet

Gout Attack on Feet

Feet are the most sensitive part of the body when it comes to having a gout disease. Feet are at the greatest exposure to the disease. This is normally because; they have highest saturation of uric acid as compared to the other parts of body.

Gout is a form of arthritis that causes huge discomfort and pain. Sometimes, this pain becomes unbearable and you see no way to get rid of pain. Especially when there is gout in feet, walking for some time becomes miserable. The excruciating pain needs to be treated in order to get rid of gout pain. Walking is something that one cannot live without and this is where gout attacks the most. If you were unable to walk, you would be more like a paralyzed person.

Symptoms of Gout in Feet

Firstly, one needs to look for the symptoms of gout in feet. The gout symptoms include shiny red skin, swollen feet accompanied by soreness, tautness and excruciating pain. These symptoms may be unbearable for the patient. However, gout in feet can be treated. The main reason for gout in feet is the protein-rich diet. Protein rich diet leads to high levels of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is the main ingredient that contributes towards the gout disease. Feet have the highest levels of uric acid as mentioned before. Therefore, feet are at the greatest risk of being exposed to a disease like gout.

To understand Gout in feet, you have to realize the importance of feet in supporting body as well as consequences it carries. Feet give support to the whole body, which means Gout in feet weakens this support. For the feet suffering from gout, it becomes very painful to hold the weight of whole body. It simply becomes unbearable.

Gout in feet may be agonizing but it can be treated. Gout in feet takes a little longer time for treatment. The treatment usually begins with the intake of a low-protein diet. This leads to lower level of uric acid, and the body will reduce the level in feet as well. Reduced uric acid level will start the healing process. The patient suffering from gout may also drink plenty of water. Large water intake flushes out the wastes from the body and reduces uric acid level in the body too.

Gout in feet is very painful so many patients may move to the medicinal treatment of the disease. This is because the pain becomes simply unbearable. Gout is feet, if not taken care of in a good way, may resurface. In order to prevent it from recurring, one should follow a strict diet plan with all low-protein foods as a part of it. The secret to the treatment of gout in feet is keeping the uric acid level low. This could only be done through a low-protein diet and by a large intake of water.

When there is gout in feet, one needs to keep their feet in a hygienic and warm condition. Gout in feet is a painful disease yet curable. The disease is curable but there is a risk of its recurrence after short intervals. The treatment takes time depending on the condition of gout in feet.

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