Gout in Elbow

Gout is a painful condition caused by too much uric acid buildup in the blood. This leads to the crystallization of the uric acid in the joints, particularly in the lower body such as the feet, ankles and knees. But on occasion gout can manifest itself in the elbow resulting in intense pain and the inability to fully use the elbow due to the inflammation of the joint.

Gout is a condition associated with arthritis and it usually affects people over the age of 40. While the causes of gout are numerous, in many cases the symptoms can be effectively reduced and even prevented with both prescribed treatments and home remedies. Having gout in the elbow is highly unusual, but it can be treated in generally the same fashion.

The attacks of gout generally last five to ten days with the joints such as the elbow encrusted internally by the uric acid that is solidifying, for gout in the elbow the first recommendation is to elevate the elbow above the heart to help reduce the inflammation and transfer some of the uric acid away from that region of the body. Those who have gout of the elbow often have gout symptoms in other joints of their body as well.

Basically, gout is caused by having too much uric acid in the blood to the point where the kidneys can not longer filter it out and pass the uric acid through as urine. This buildup continues as it spreads to the joints in the body and begins filling the spaces. There it will start to solidify which will cause great pain and anguish until the uric acid finally dissolves and leaves the joint areas. In some cases the buildup is so great that it pushes against the skin in lumpy patches.

For some conditions which cause gout, such as family history or a specific injury for example there may be little that can be done to prevent the onset of gout, but reducing the symptoms to a minimal can be done by stopping the intake of alcohol and other causes such as niacin for example.

Keeping your weight at proper levels not only keeps excess pressure from causing even greater pain to the joints, it also can reduce many of the more painful symptoms of gout itself. This means following a good diet filled with healthy ingredients as obesity can exacerbate the problem.

Home remedies can start by increasing the intake of water to help dilute the uric acid in the blood and help the kidneys process it properly.  But herbal medicines such as gingeroot for example can also help breakup uric acid in the body.

The conditions of gout in the elbow should be treated by visiting your physician first. You will want to get the right diagnosis and the right medications to treat the symptoms. If your gout in the elbow is caused by a specific injury and you have no gout elsewhere in the body, then simple steps such as the increased intake of water, exercising and eating herbal roots mixed into your diet should be effective. Otherwise you may need specific prescription medication.

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