Gout Home Remedies

Once you are suffering from an attack of gout, you will surely feel a great deal of inconvenience since the symptoms of the disease itself will make you suffer a lot. Basically, this kind of problem is directly related to the faulty eating lifestyle. There are some foods that can cause gout like poultry products and glandular organs. That is why one of the gout home remedies and prevention is to avoid the foods rich in purines. Purines once ingested will turn out to become uric acid. And when there   is too much amount of uric acid in your body, it will immediately deposit to your joints thereby, making you suffer from the problems brought by gout. Other than that, there are other gout home remedies that you have to learn. Once you know some of these gout home remedies, you can do something when the condition strikes at your house.

Cherry Juice

Among of the gout home remedies is the ingestion of cherry juice. This is among of the best remedies to try when there is already exacerbation of the problem. The reason behind the effectiveness of this remedy is that it will help neutralize the excess uric acid which is present in your body. Moreover, drinking of cherry juice will also provide you with the other nutrients that your body needs. Examples of these are Vitamin C as well as magnesium. These are the nutrients which are needed in order to promote the circulation in your body. If you do not have a juicer in your house, you can eat the cherries instead.

Avoid Aspirin

Of course, gout home remedies are not just purely alternative forms of treating the condition. This is also linked to the avoidance of the medication that can cause the problem. In this case, you must avoid ingesting aspirin. But, this kind of medication will help decrease the pain level that you feel as this is known for increasing the retention of uric acid in your body leading to its increase in concentration. You can use other forms of pain killers available in the drug stores and choose the ones that will not increase the uric acid concentration in your body.


Water will also help you a lot in terms of getting solutions from your gout. In fact, this is one of the best gout home remedies that you can use safely but with very promising effects to your condition. What is good with water is that it will help flush the excess toxins in your body. Aside from that, this will also provide lubricating effects to your joints providing you with ease of gout pain. In fact, water and medication therapy are oftentimes combined gout home remedies advocated by experts in the field of health.

These are just among of the gout home remedies that you can try. So by the time that your gouty arthritis strikes, any of these gout home remedies will provide you with a solution to your problem. You can also try the other gout home remedies that will be prescribed by your physician.

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