Gout Foods

One of the prime reasons why one is getting gout is because of his ingestion of high gout foods or the stuffs that contain increase level of purines. Because of ingestion of purine rich gout foods, this substance will turn out to become uric acid. And excess amounts of uric acids in your body will cause formation of its crystals leading to the development of tophi of uric acid crystals. In order for you to be totally free from this problem, you have to avoid eating foods which are high in purine.


Bacon is at the top list of the gout foods. This is a very famous kind of food prepared during breakfast. What is very painful to this food is that it contains great levels of purines as well as nitrates. And as far as factual information is concerned, purines will soon turn into uric acid which will make you prone to development and suffering from gout. Aside from high purines and nitrates of this gout food, this also contains high level of sodium that will dehydrate your system predisposing you further to the development of gout.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are also one of the gout foods that you have to avoid. When we say hot dogs, these encompass all the meat ingredients used in making the food. Examples of these are beef, chicken, turkey and other more meat ingredients. What is also factual about hot dogs is that it also contains organ parts. Because of this, it increases the level of purines, which you can find in this favorite easy to cook food.

Poultry Foods

Poultry foods are also one of the richest sources of purines. This is why you must also avoid ingesting these kinds of gout foods. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, chicken and turkey are both excellent sources of purine. These gout foods contain high to moderate amounts of purines that will increase your chance of acquiring the disease. What is bad with these foods is that they are person dependent. This means that there are some people who cannot fully eliminate these kinds of gout foods in their diet. If you are also one of these people, it is best to limit your intake of these stuffs and little by little eliminate it to your diet. Because of this, you can trick your body and you will have total elimination of the cravings for these kinds of foods.

Glandular Organs

For people who are fond of eating glandular organs, these are also one of the most abundant sources of purines. It is also very much important to eliminate completely these kinds of foods in your diet in order to limit your chances of getting gout.

So these are just among of the gout foods that you have to avoid in order decreasing your chance of getting this health problem in the near future. Being mindful with the diet will surely give you a lot of benefits not just in the elimination of chances of getting gout but also decreasing or eliminating your susceptibility to other food related health diseases.

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