Gout Cures

The pain that one can feel when he is suffering from gout is considered as intense. Usually, patients are rating the pain 10 from the pain scale of 1 to 10. Aside from that, an individual will also suffer from joint swelling which will aggravate the discomfort that he is suffering. Moreover, there are also other manifestations of the condition that will surely bring an individual in a great deal of inconvenience. In case you are already tired of the intense pain caused by this condition, you have to know some of the possible gout cures that you can take to lessen the effects of the health alteration.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is among of the best gout cures that you can use in order to treat or at least lessen the condition. Studies showed that people suffering from gout pain will be reduced when you are taking fish oil. Aside from that, this is also one of the best gout cures that will decrease the inflammation felt by people suffering from this kind of arthritis.


If you are looking for the simple remedy for gout, using ice is among of the best gout cures you can try. This is just a very basic gout remedy that can reduce the pain you are suffering from this kind of problem. In the medical sense, ice is being used in terms of providing cure to almost all kinds of swelling problems. The use of ice can range from simple injuries and to almost all kinds of arthritis. But then, there is one caution that you have to remember when you are using ice. Use cloth between the skin and ice in order for you to be free from the condition called frostbite. Moreover, apply the ice for about 20 minutes and take it off for about 40 minutes. This is the rule of thumb for this kind of remedy.


Medications are also among of the best gout cures that you can take in order to be free from this kid of disease. Example of the medication that you can use is colchicine. This has been used for a long time in the treatment of gout and has showed benefits and solution from this condition. But in the event that you suffered from the digestive system disturbances, you must discontinue the medication and ask for medical advice. Other than that, there are no serious side effects that you may suffer when you are taking colchicine.


Hydrotherapy is also among of the best gout cures that you need. This is being recommended by many doctors and medical experts. By means of consuming enough amounts of water, this will flush the excess amounts of uric acid in your body. Also, this makes the condition less serious. Moreover, water will also facilitate elimination and neutralization of the other toxins present in the body. These toxins will make the condition become more serious. The joint lubrication property of water will also help you a lot. If paired with the right lifestyle, water therapy will surely provide you with great relief from the problem.

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