Gout Causes

Once you are suffering from gout, it causes severe inflammation, swelling and pain reaching in the event that you can no longer do some active range of motions. In fact, gout is considered as the type of arthritis that will cause intense pain to an individual. When we speak of gout, this is a medical condition wherein there is too high level of uric in your body. It is very much vital that you know some of the possible gout causes to have a deeper understanding with the problem.

Faulty Metabolism

Based from the medical experts, they say that gout is a metabolic disorder. They are stating that there is specific enzyme needed in the metabolism of the uric acid in your body, which is missing in people who are experiencing this kind of disorder. This is one of the main gout causes that are being suggested by the medical team. The specific enzyme lacking in your body is the reason why there is poor break down of the uric acid in your body. That is why when a person ingests foods that can promote the development of gout there may be a chance that the uric level in the body will increase. Thus, this will cause deposition of the excess uric acid in the joints of the person affected. This will then lead to the formation of tophi or the uric acid crystals present in the joints of an individual.

Too Much Purine Rich Foods in the Diet

Aside from that, the ingestion of foods rich in purine is also one of the leading gout causes. Particularly, your body is producing uric acid naturally when the purines from the foods you eat are broken down. In almost all the cells of your body, purine is commonly present. And surprisingly, almost all of the foods you are eating contain levels of varying purines. Examples of these are yeast and certain fish types. And if an individual is fond of eating foods rich in purines, there is too much increase in the levels of uric acid in the body. In the long run when there are overwhelming amounts of uric acid in the body, it will deposit in your joints leading to the development of gout. That is why too much ingestion of purine rich foods is one of the gout causes.

Other Gout Causes

There are also some other diseases which are considered as gout causes based from the medical experts. Examples of these are arteriosclerosis, increase in the blood pressure, leukemia, increase in cholesterol level, diabetes and hyperuricemia. These kinds of conditions will increase the retention of uric acid in the blood. Because of this, it will cause deposition to the joints present in the human body which will then lead to the development of gout.

These are among of the gout causes that you have to remember. Some of these gout causes are modifiable. This means that you can decrease your susceptibility to the problem based from your will. There are still some other causes, but these are the main gout causes that you need to know.

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