Gout: a joint disorder that targets men

There are several types of arthritis, and one of the major types of which is the gout or gouty arthritis.  If rheumatoid arthritis is commonly or frequently attacking females, gout on the other hand occurs more often in male.  Gout, like rheumatoid arthritis, is also hereditary, it is a familial type of disorder.  Gout is a condition that deals with purine metabolism.  It is an inflammation of the connective joints, which is very painful, like the other types of arthritis.  Tophi, which are urate crystals in the joints, are being stored and deposited in the cartilages of the joints or tissues.  These tophi will increase in size and eventually burst, which gives the patient two sources of suffering — there’s intense pain when the affected area is moved, and when the swollen skin is touched.

Some of the common symptoms or manifestations of gout are physically determined, clinically tested, or medically examined.  Some physical or obvious determinants of gout are: joint pains, redness, heat, swelling of the toes and ankles, as these are the commonly affected areas.  People with gout also experience headaches, malaise, anorexia, tachycardia, fever, and developments of tophi in outer ears, hands, and feet.  It can also be detected through a series of tests, like blood and urine exams, to determine the degree or elevation of the uric acid. 

Gout can be remedied through drug and dietary therapies.  For some acute or minor gout attacks, patients can take in colchicine, indocin, and butazolidin.  In terms of food, they must maintain a low purine diet, which means that patients must avoid intakes of organ meats, shellfish, legumes, sardines, salted anchovies, mushrooms, herring, sweetbreads, consomme, beer, and wine.  There are also preventive measures, which a person can take to avoid gouty arthritis, it is through uricosuric agents: probenecid and sulfinpyrazone, which increase renal excretion of uric acid, and allopurinol, which inhibits uric acid formation.  Also, maintain a 2,000-3,000cc per day intake of fluids to prevent formation of kidney stones, especially when one takes antigout drugs.

Gout has been termed “The Disease of the King” because most of the causes are food, drinks, and activities of the rich.  Diet, which includes high-purine foods like meat, fish, dry beans, etc., with excessive alcohol or wine drinking, without regular exercise or physical activities.

Gout can be prevented if one just takes proper care, maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a balanced diet.