Fast Ways to Ease Lower Back Pain

Have you ever woke up and experienced excruciating lower back pain? Lower back pain does not discriminate it hits anyone anywhere, and at any time. When a person suffers from lower back pain all he or she wants to do is figure out how to get rid of the pain. Lower back pain can be an inconvenience for many. When you suffer from any type of pain you generally just want to sit or lay down to try to ease your pain. There are some techniques that may relieve your lower back pain and help you to start feeling better so you can go enjoy the activities you maybe missing.

Three “Quick Fixes” for Lower Back Pain

1. Lay down. When your back begins to hurt the first thing people think of doing is to lie down for a few minutes to see if this helps.  Actually, lying down is the best way to relieve a back ache.  The cause of a backache is muscle strain. When you lay down it takes the weight off the muscles that are hurting. However, the best way to benefit from lying down is to lie flat on your back and put to soles of your feet flat on the floor or raise your knees. You can do this either on a couch, bed, or the floor. When a person uses their feet to help support some of the weight this helps the back. *NOTE* Do not stay in bed too long. Remember to ease lower back pain the muscles will need blood circulated into the muscles hurting.  You cannot get the blood circulating properly if you are lying down for too long of a time. However, if you should experience major lower back pain you may have to stay in bed for up to three days in order to ease the pain.

2. Apply heat. By applying a warm compress it can actually help ease your back pain is three different ways. The first way by applying heat will relax the tension in your back and it eases the strain that is on your muscles. Second, will increase the flow of blood into the muscles that are hurting. Lastly, heat helps to ease the pain so that you can rest. What to use for a heat source, heat water and fill a hot water bottle and wrap with a towel and place it on your back. However, another great way to ease your back pain with heat is to slip into a tub of warm to hot water.

3. The power of positive thinking. Have you ever heard the old saying that laughter is the best medicine? This saying is true. If you can muster up some smiles and laugh your back pain will dissipate because of the feel-good chemicals your brain is producing because of the laughter. Laughter is considered to be the most powerful natural pain killer. Some scientists believe that if you think positive it can have positive results on relieving your back pain. Negative thoughts breed negative results. If you begin light stretching exercises and walking a little at a time you can help to heal your back and reduce the pain you are experiencing. However, a great many of the people who suffer from chronic back pain does not stay active. The pain a person suffers from their back does not feel like doing any type of activity. However, if a person would take better care of themselves they can avoid most problems associated with your back pain.

So, in others words lighten up on yourself and your back. Laugh a little and exercise to keep yourself in good shape in order to avoid future flare ups.

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