Extreme Lower Back Pain

Extreme lower back pain is not something anyone wishes upon themselves. Just ask anyone who suffers with lower back pain how excruciating it is. I am sure that they will let you know in vivid detail. Most often, extreme lower back pain occurs in older people. Some of them will use exercise regimens to offset the pain, while others use prescription drugs doled out by a physician. However, these are just temporary fixes. So, what are the main causes of lower back pain, and how can you correct them?

Severe back pains result from very many causes such as lifting very heavy objects or from a herniated disc in the lower back region. When you suddenly try to lift a very heavy object, or you use an improper posture while lifting objects, it may cause extreme lower back pain. Of course, you can visit your local doctor, and they can provide some temporary relief. Lower back pain may also be caused when the ligaments and muscles have too much wear and tear. At some other times, the discs in the lower back region may start to degenerate to the extent of becoming herniated. When this happens, it can be very painful and will cause a lot of discomfort while standing or doing any work. Strains on the discs from any form of sedentary job could also cause the discs to be depressed beyond their capabilities, and the muscles could also be strained from sitting too long in one place over time. That is why bank cashiers, typists, and computer operators feel lower back pains even though they are often young or middle-aged. So, what do you need to do to relieve yourself of these back pains?

The first and foremost thing to do is to visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis. This is important because there may be some other underlying reasons beyond what you might have thought, but a thorough medical check-up will reveal the cause of your extreme lower back pain. After a proper diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the proper treatment needed to help relieve or cure the pain. The doctor might recommend some very strong pills to deal with and relieve you of the pains if the cause is something trivial. The doctor may also place you on active regimental exercises if the problem is as a result of your sedentary job. The doctor may also ask you to adopt better walking, standing and sleeping postures if these have been found to be contributory factors. In a severe case, the doctor may recommend that you see a therapist. The doctor may also be able to make several recommendations if any surgery is needed. You must never make assumptions about your health, and since your lower back is central to your overall health and life activities, you must adhere to medical instructions to correct your lower back problems.

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