Exercises to Reduce Upper Back Pain

Finding relief from upper back pain is a process that has been going on for thousands of years. From simple rest to the latest medicines and modern techniques, people have been searching for the right methods to treat their upper back pain in the most effective manner possible. While prescribed drugs and advanced techniques can be effective, the oldest methods of treating upper back pain have proven to be effective as well.

In fact, old fashioned exercise can not only help you find relief from upper back pain it can also prevent some instances from reoccurring. Of course, the most important part to understanding the cause of your upper back pain and then apply the proper exercise techniques to get the most improvement. Exercise is most effective with upper back pain caused by overuse of the muscle groups and spasms that occur when the muscles experience an unexpected move that causes pain. Those with arthritis that affects the upper back will also find pain relief and more mobility by using good exercise techniques.

If your upper back pain has a different cause or perhaps you are unaware of what the cause may be, then checking with your physician is very important. While in most cases the causes may be minor, they also could be masking a more serious problem. Also, before starting any exercise routine you should get a check up to find any hidden dangers that might flare up during your exercises.

Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, the next step is to choose the exercises that can best work the affected muscle groups and provide the most relief. What follows are a series of simple exercises that can not only bring about upper back pain relief, but also strengthen and tone the back muscles to help reduce or even prevent some instances of upper back pain from happening again.

Walking: It may seem counterintuitive, but walking is actually one of the better exercises for the upper back. Brisk walking that breaks a sweat, but does not leave you breathless for 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week helps improve your cardiovascular system, bringing much needed blood flow to your back muscles which helps them to heal faster. Also, you use your back muscles to help balance while walking so in a few weeks you will help tone and strengthen your upper back.

Knees to Chest: This is a type of exercise you can do sitting down. Simply raise one knee to your chest, then lower and repeat with the other leg. The act of raising the knee actually helps to stretch and work the back muscles. You should first raise your knee to what is comfortable to you then go further as you progress.

The Bird Dog: This interesting exercise is done on the hands and knees. Simply straighten out one leg behind you, bring it back and alternate with the other leg. This works the back muscles and helps stretch them out as well.

These are but a few exercises to get started, you may want to work with your physician or physical therapist if you suffer from repeated upper back pain.

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