Exercises For Lower Spine Arthritis

Lower spine arthritis is one of the major causes of lower back pain. It originates from the lumbar spine and the sacrum (a large triangular shaped bone located at the base of the lower spine). Although the sacrum is a very strong bone and it rarely fractures, it can still be affected by arthritis.

Arthritis is a general term that describes many different diseases causing tenderness, pain, swelling, and stiffness of joints and may cause abnormalities of various soft tissues of the body. Arthritis affects many people and it has affected the way these people live. Spinal arthritis can be caused when there is a certain imbalance in the hormones, muscles, or nutritional levels. One of the factors causing this sickness is the degeneration of the bones which comes along with the factors involving calcium built-up. In some cases, past accidents can be the cause for spinal arthritis. Most of the time, lower spine arthritis affects those who are older in age and this commonly affects women more than men. This commonly occurs to people who experience other spine conditions. Lower spine arthritis is a problem that occurs in the joints that connect the vertebrae.

People who suffer from lower spine arthritis usually feel stiffness in their joints, numbness, pain, and difficulty in doing physical tasks which contributes to limited range of motion. People who are commonly prone to having this kind of arthritis are older patients, obese individuals, laborers, and those who experienced past injuries.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for lower spine arthritis; however, patients can do physical therapy which includes exercises and stretches. Before performing any of these stretches, you must consult your doctor or therapist.

Here are some of the suggested exercises to serve as remedy for lower spine arthritis:

Aquatic exercise is a good form of exercise for lower spine arthritis. Swimming is a good form of exercise to regain the strength and agility of the back. You can perform the different swimming strokes to help relieve stress. It provides both resistance and support for exercises that cause too much pain when performed on land. The muscles of the upper back can be strengthened due to the slight resistance of the water. If your back muscles become stronger, it is easier to resist inflammation and pain in the joints. Aquatic exercises are often done in pools which are deep enough to cover the upper back.

Leg presses and leg curls can also be done to relieve lower spine arthritis. While doing these exercises, heavy weights should be avoided in order to avoid further damage. These exercises should be done at least four times in a week to achieve best results.

Stretching your muscles can also be a good way to exercise. Perform stretches which concentrate in your head. This can be done by getting a towel and hold it over the head. Then pull in the opposite direction so that your left hand is at hip level and your right hand is over your head.

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