Exercise to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Getting up in the morning with a stiff back or perhaps experiencing some lower back pain when bending down to pick up an item or doing other work can become annoying, even debilitating at times when the swelling and pain become too much to take. Fortunately, there’s several exercise methods that can help you strengthen your back, loosen the muscles and even prevent many instances of lower back pain.

The exercises mentioned are common ones uses to help stretch and strengthen lower back muscles and provide pain relief to aching joints that can occur from overuse or soreness that often happens when muscles that are not used often are suddenly put to work. Before starting any exercise program, you should consult with your physician first to check to see if you are at risk for bringing about more serious problems. For example, if you are experiencing consistent back pain with no apparent cause that does not let up, but continues over time you definitely need to check with your doctor as this may be a sign of a more serious problem.

What follows are a few simple, but effective methods to help prevent lower back pain from occurring and provide more mobility and strength to your back muscles. Of course, you’ll want to warm up a bit before starting your back muscle exercise. Perhaps the best way to get the heart going is to take a quick walk around the block or even longer if you want to combine cardio work with exercise. This is a great way to not only get your back muscles in shape, but to lose some weight and improve your overall cardio condition. If you are not inclined to walk for a period of time, then at least walk a little in place and do some very minor stretches to prepare your body.

Stretching: Now that you are warmed up, the next step is to stretch your back muscles. You can begin as simply reaching upwards towards the ceiling to fully stretch out the back. Start slowly and never bounce while doing your stretching routine. Simply go as far as you comfortably can, stay in that position for a few seconds then slowly rise back to normal position. Any jerky moves can cause a back spasm, which will put you off exercising for a while.  You can twist your body at the torso gently with your hands on your hips to get some side to side mobility as well.

Exercises: You’ll want to avoid exercises that put undo strain on your back until they have been strengthened, so normal pushups may be outside your limits for the first few weeks. Stomach crunches work the abdomen which will help support your lower back without putting any undo stress on those muscle groups.  Be sure to keep within your limits to start then add repetitions as you get stronger.

You’ll want to do a full range of resistance exercises as well as some cardio work to get the best results in preventing lower back pain. Your body works best when all the muscle groups get worked out, so start slow, take your time and build progressively each week and you’ll be in great physical shape soon.

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