Exercise Therapy for Back Pain Relief and Recovery

Generally, your postures, body movements, and your ability to bear the stress or pressure attach great importance to the health of your back pain.

Many sufferers may think that a long bed best is good for their back pain relief. Actually, it is weak abdominal and back muscles are the main cause for most back pains. Therefore, a long-term best rest is not a good choice. In most cases, your doctor may suggest you to do slightly physical activities along with some effective medications or other treatments. Properly physical exercises not only contributes to the pain relief, but also it can avoid the pain occur again. Generally, most doctors or therapists will treat their patients like this: properly exercises along with some relief medications.

There are lots of typical exercises within in your choices for back pain relief, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, flexing, and endurance training. However, you’d better to seek advice from your doctor before you begin to do it, because not all theses exercises work on you. If improperly, it will do more harm than good.

In order to improve your health condition, stamina-building exercises, such as aerobics, are good choice. You’d better to consult with your doctor before you are going to do it since these exercises are more rigorous, and should be start slowly. Generally, the effect will be more obvious if you insist on warming up before exercises and cooling down afterward. Some aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, bicycling, or swimming will also increase your physical condition.

Exercise Therapy for Back Pain Relief and Recovery

In order to alleviate, treat and avoid future back pain, following various alternative exercise therapies and programs are available.

● Tai Chi Chuan, a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing will bring much energies to your body. It not only relaxes the stiffed muscles, free the joints, and ease tension but also it can contribute to concentrate your mind. In some cases, the effects would be more obvious if you use this technique along with some pain relief medication prescribed by your doctors.

● Yoga, ancient Indian tradition programs which mainly involves mind-body exercises, such as posture and breathe adjusting exercises, deep relaxation, and meditation. Yoga is mainly to relief back pain through improving spinal strength and flexibility. It is investigated that some types of chronic back pain can be avoided through regular yoga practice.

● Chi Kung, which also known as Qigong, is a Chinese traditional system of exercise. It mainly emphasizes on right breathing and posture while teaching the mind to concentrate. According to Chi Kung therapists, Chi Kung has been widely used to relieve back pain.

● Feldenkrais Technique, which aims at improving the ease and efficiency of body activities and teaching you to realize and correct muscle tension by increasing your awareness of body movements.

● Buteyko Breathing Exercises, a Russian therapy, is to slow breathing and holding the breath. According to Buteyko breathing therapists, this exercise not only contributes to decrease muscle tension but also relieve back pain effectively.

However, it is important for you to recognize the difference between pain and the feeling of exertion. Generally, pain is a nerve symptom. So if you feel pains while exercising, you’d better to stop immediately and instead it with some gentle exercises, which will do more good for you.

Taking into account of above cases, there are sufficient evidences to support that properly regular exercises are effective in relieving back pain. Of course, choosing an exercise program which works on your best is also very important. Correct program not only strengthens your back muscles, improves your stamina and fitness, but also can prevent the chronic back pain.

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