Exercise for Upper Back Pain

Finding ways to treat upper back pain have been going on for thousands of years. From simple rest to surgery depending on the cause and severity of the condition, upper back pain is one of the most common ailments that afflict people. For the less serious, more common types of upper back pain that is caused through the overuse or spasm of muscle groups located in the upper back region, there are a number of simple, effective treatments that will both relieve the pain and strengthen the back muscles to reduce further incidents of upper back pain.

The first step is to identify the cause of the back pain itself, especially if it is reoccurring. The most common forms of upper back pain are overuse of the muscles due to heavy labor or lifting objects, spasms which occur when sudden movement occurs, poor posture or even vitamin deficiency. For those who are diagnosed with vitamin deficiency, taking a multi-vitamin every day should greatly reduce the reoccurrence of upper back pain. Poor posture can also be corrected as well, which will alleviate the pull and strain on the muscle groups in the back.

For both overuse and underused muscle groups which can create painful spasms, exercise is a very effective means of treating upper back pain. For those who do hard manual labor which includes lifting heavy objects or maintaining uncomfortable positions while working, exercise can be a great method of helping to reduce the pain and strengthen the appropriate muscle groups. In conjunction with exercise, identifying the positions that can cause muscle strain are also helpful as correcting them will bring relief. At the very least, changing positions more frequently will lessen the effects of muscle strain.

For those who suffer from muscle spasms, then exercising the back muscles will not only tone them, but provide more resilience to getting spasm attacks. The more toned your muscles are, the less likely you have spasms and if such instances occur they will be less painful, more tolerable in nature.

There are many different safe, effective means of exercise routines which will improve the toning and physical conditions of the muscles. Here is a short list of exercises that can help you overcome upper back pain.

Stretching: Simple stretches that help to loosen your upper back muscles will help relieve the pain. From a standing position, you can reach upwards towards the ceiling or place your hands on your hips and gently push your pelvis forward which will stretch the muscle groups.

Walking: While it’s true that you don’t generally walk on your back, you do use your back muscles while walking to maintain balance. Also, the increased blood flow into your back will help loosen and alleviate the soreness and stiffness that often accompanies upper back pain. Walking 20 to 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week can not only improve the conditioning of the muscles in your back, it can also improve your entire cardiovascular system. This keeps you more mobile and better able to handle future events of upper back pain.

Treating upper back pain with exercise will not only help you get over this event, but help prevent instances of future upper back pain.

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