Exercise for Lower Back Pain

You feel back pains, don’t you? So do I. In fact, most people do. Back pains are very common and while some are very mild, others could be very severe and life threatening. What have you done to relieve yourself of your lower back pains, and how has this worked. It might be pointed out that most back pains are not curable to make an individual feel he’s never had it, but the pains could be reduced and the symptoms managed to enable you do your daily tasks without any hindrance. Apart from medications and things like proper dieting, exercise for lower back pain could help in many ways. Your doctor or your orthopedic surgeon and fitness instructor must recommend the exercise for lower back pain you adopt for you, and they must be seen to work to be continued. There are very many types of exercises that could help you relieve pains in your lower back region, and you must adhere to any one recommended for you with all religious zeal and attention. What exercise for lower back pain can you then try to find relief for your back?

You could stand on your feet and have your backset against the wall, and your feet placed in front of you a little way from your body. You can then bend your legs at the knees with your back pressed firmly against the wall. Hold your bent position for some few seconds before rising again to your feet against the wall. Bend again and rise again, doing this for about 20 minutes before changing to another exercise for lower back pain.

You may also try the hamstring exercise for results. Lie down on your back, raise one of your legs up, and hold it in place with your hand behind your knee. Then try to stretch the raised leg until you feel some tension in your thigh and in your waist. Do not forget to hold this leg for some few seconds, before trying out the exercise on the other leg. You can do this for about 10 minutes for each leg before you switch to the other leg.  Alternate this exercise on each leg for about 25 minutes before going further to try out some other exercises.

You can also use Swiss ball to do various types of exercises for lower back pains. For instance, you could place the Swiss ball on the floor and you lie on it by placing your stomach on it and stretching out straight. Then try to move yourself forward and backward on the Swiss ball for some minutes. You can also place the ball behind your back and against the wall; that is, you place the Swiss ball between your back and the wall. You then bend down on your knees and maintain the position before rising slowly to your feet with the Swiss ball still placed behind your back and the wall, without falling off.  The more you do this along some other exercises, the more you feel relief in your lower back region pains.

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