Exercise Balls for Lower Back Pain Relief

There is lots of equipment available which promise to provide lower back pain relief, but one of the more interesting devices are the traditional exercise balls which can provide both support and muscle strengthening moves which can help you overcome lower back pain.

Exercise balls have proven to provide plenty of uses when it comes to the conditioning and toning of different muscles groups, particularly the back. Simply leaning back on an exercise ball with your feet on the ground provides good tension distributed on your lateral muscle groups which helps you maintain balance and provides support for your back. By engaging in an overall exercise program and including exercise balls as part of the process, the lower back pain can be relived to a great degree.

Before beginning any exercise program, consulting with your physician will detect any hidden signs of damage or medical condition that an exercise program might exacerbate. If your lower back pain is not caused by anything apparent such as the overuse or soreness of the muscle groups and is constant, then checking with your doctor is a must.

After working with your physician, the next step is to organize an effective exercise routine that incorporates exercise balls with relieving lower back pain. This can be especially important if you are overweight which generally produces added stress to the joints in the spine and creates greater lower back pain. A combination of eating a healthy diet with a good cardio workout and muscle toning exercises is the key to reducing and even preventing some lower back pain from coming back.

Stretching: Before you exercise, you must stretch and before you stretch you must make sure your muscles are warmed up. If you are currently suffering from lower back pain, then warming up the muscles should consist of walking around and getting your heart rate up to warm up all of your muscle groups. You don’t have to do anything fancy or sudden, just take a few minutes to make sure you are warmed up before stretching.

Now that you are ready, you can use the exercise balls to help you stretch out. Start by reaching towards the ceiling, then bending backwards to help fully stretch out the back muscles. Laying back on one of the exercise balls will help relax the back muscles and stretch them out further, but be sure not to go too far. Keep everything under control and get use to how the exercise balls will shift around, forcing you to maintain good balance.

Exercises: Reducing lower back pain means combining cardio with toning workouts you can use the exercise balls to assist you. For example, you can perform basic stomach crunches while on the exercise ball. Do not try to rise up too much or lean back too far, simply perform two to three sets of stomach crunches will help flatten your abdomen and strengthen your back.

Exercise balls can be an effective tool in helping you reduce lower back pain and get into better shape while putting minimum stress on your muscles and joints.

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