Elbow Gout Treatment

Gout, a form of arthritis caused by excessive uric acid in the body, usually targets large joints of the big toes. However, it can also affect other joints in the body such as the knee, foot, hand, ankle, wrist, and elbow. Gout attacks usually begin in the toes and feet and then it follows a pattern that goes up the body.

Elbow gout, is a clear sign that someone’s gout has become worse. Gout, which first appears in the elbow, is very rare to happen as it usually appears in other parts of the body before the elbow. Gout could attack in different combinations and flit rapidly from one part to another. The elbow is actually a union of three bones:

  • Humerus – which comes down from the shoulder
  • Ulna – long bone in forearm
  • Radius – the other long bone in the forearm

Elbow gout actually prefers to attack not the elbow joints, but the olecranon bursa sac, the small cushioning bag that is found at the tip of the elbow, between the bone and the skin. The sac pillows the elbow’s tip. The crystallized uric acid caused by gout usually is deposited in this sac and it has the same painful effect as with the gout in joints.

The occurrence of elbow gout can be a sign that gout treatment has not worked. Then, it is not as bad and as painful as elbow, big toes, feet, ankles, and finger gouts. Elbow gouts are an indication that gout patients should double their efforts for elbow gout treatment. They need to exert more vigor and self-discipline especially in their medication and food intake.

If elbow gout is experienced, the way it is controlled and treated is just like the way how other forms of gout is treated. Elbow gout treatment usually targets to lessen the whole body’s uric acid levels. Elbow gout pain can be dealt with by taking by the usual gout pain relief drugs.

In some cases, elbow gout is not painful. There could be swelling but there is no pain. In this case, the presence of the gout should not be taken for granted. Appropriate medication and elbow gout treatment should still be undertaken. In addition, proper diet, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle should be religiously observed. When signs and symptoms of elbow gout are observed, one should seek expert advice for elbow gout treatment.

Some of the symptoms of elbow gout are:

  • Pain – This can occur rapidly, severely, and without warning. Physical activities that involve lifting may be painful to do.
  • Discomfort – This symptom can appear in varied ways. The elbow might feel tender and touching it may be unbearable. This feeling of discomfort can last for a few days or weeks.
  • Elbow’s Appearance – Another sign of elbow gout is how the elbow looks like. Gout will cause the elbow to swell or become inflamed. This swelling can start in the elbow and go down to other areas of the arm, such as the forearm and the fingers.

Seek an elbow gout treatment if these symptoms are felt.

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