Effective Ways to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

To common person, it is bearable if having a back pain. But to pregnant women, it can be one of the most unbearable pains. However, fortunately, here are some effective ways to ease back pain during pregnancy.

Ways to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy 1

First, try to lie on your side while sleeping, lying or resting, and put a pillow in between your legs for support. A body pillow is a good choice, which is available everywhere. From my point of view, a snuggle is really a good choice too, which you can buy from a baby shop like Babies R’ Us or Target.

Ways to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy 2

Second, do not lift heavy things and do not to lift anything which requires you to bend you back. Before pregnancy, lifting is a very easy-doing thing for you. However, you should remember that you are a pregnant woman now. So ask for help if you have to lift or move some heavy items.

Ways to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy 3

Third, you can Yoga during your pregnancy, which also can ease back pain. There are special designed Yoga poses and stretches for pregnant women. You can get it from expectantmothersguide.com/library/EUSbackpain. Why not to get it?

Ways to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy 4

Fourth, an exercise ball plays an important role during your pregnancy, which can correct your postures and alleviate the pressure on your hips and lower back. You may as well to change your computer chair to an exercise ball. But the precondition is that you get a right one which works on you best.

Fifth, massage is one of the most effective way on easing back pain no matter you are a pregnant woman or a common person. You can ask your husband, family member or one of your good friends to do a massage on you. If they are all non-available, go to visit a massage therapist, but you must make sure that the massage therapist is licensed and professional enough in handling pregnancy. You can ask your doctor to recommend one for you. It would be more reliable.

Sixth, you should pay much attention to your daily diet. Eat healthy and drink lots of water. The basic idea here is to eliminate gaining extra weight which is beyond a normal weight for pregnancy. It is normal to increase 35 pounds on you during your whole pregnancy. If extra weight exists, it will give pressure on your back.

Finally, if all above ways do not work on you at all, ask your doctor for a safe pain relief thru medication. No matter which way you choose, you should remember that baby takes what you take.

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