Effective Stiff Neck Treatment

Stiff neck is a pain or distress which is very common to people. This usually happens when we let our head stayed long hours in one direction without even moving a bit (ex. finishing paper works in front of a computer). Maybe you will think how this stiff neck is triggered. To give you an idea, this is characterized by the difficulty and soreness of neck when we try to move it at a direction – turning it to the left or to the right. Stiffness of the neck lasts for two days up to couple of weeks. Also, the pain felt varies on what type of stiff neck you have. It may be mild or controlling, or extreme and limiting.

There are many causes of stiff neck. You can get this ailment from posture, playing and even sleeping. Most cases of stiff neck is because of sprain or strain in the neck muscles. A muscle called levator scapula muscle which is located on the back part and side of neck connects the neck and the shoulder. As you have learned a while ago, posture, playing and sleeping can be the reason of stiff neck. Why? Our neck muscles can be hurt by unwanted or wrong phase (Ex. bent neck) of posture. Another is stress. Once a person is in pressure, like for instance in work, the tendency is tension will take over the neck making it to suffer pain.

So, the question now is how to cure stiff neck? The answer is very simple – five ways! Stiff neck treatment can be done among the five ways that we are going to discuss now.

First, try acupressure. Chinese medicines and techniques had started since then and still it is being practiced up to now, and one of the techniques that originated at China is through acupuncture. To use this instrument, if the right part of your neck hurts, use your left hand to push in the needle to your neck, and so with your right hand to the left part of your neck. Repeat the procedure until pain is gone.

Second, use herbs. Herbs give many benefits and the best part is they can heal, too. Herbs are not common to urban areas instead they are already in the form of cream. Menthol, Camphor and Capsaicin are three ingredients that may take away your neck pain. The third method is through massage. Massage can be done either by you, through an electronic massager, or by a physical therapist. Massage is a faster way to relieve you from pain. Aside from that, other muscles of the body are being operated.

Fourth on the list is contoured pillow for neck. Stiff neck problem can be acquired just by sleeping and this is because your pillow is too hard or too thin that it cannot support your neck. Contoured pillows are comfortable to the head and these do not leave your neck unease. Lastly, we have ice. Ice packs relieve your neck by reducing the swelling of it. For at least 10-15 minutes of application, you will not feel anymore the pain. Remember to wrap the ice pack first with a cloth or towel to avoid skin damage.

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