Cure Back Pain with Reflexotherapy

How to cure your back pain with Reflexotherapy?

Many people have back pain problems because of incorrect posture, seldom exercise, and the pressures we give to ourselves unconsciously. Our body is going to open up and heal by ourselves when the pressure spreads to the supposed reflex points.


Ⅰ. It is a common sense that our hands and fee are connected with our body. So our body can be headed by just a foot massage or hand massage. Firstly, we should separate our sole with an imaginary line into five vertical districts. Those districts are known as ENERGY ZONES, and each zone is connected one toe corresponding. We may suffer from pain when those five districts get blocked. Why? The reason is that energy in our body cannot flow properly, and then the body becomes frail.

Ⅱ. Build a relaxing and harmonious environment with a friend or family member. If you are the helper, please raise your legs. Begin putting pressure horizontally from your toes to heal, and then move your fingers to the center of your foot gradually. Remember to add some pressure whiling moving. We may think it would be better to add some oil. However, you should not do it since it would be too slippery to target the deflected points and areas. 

Ⅲ. Zone 1, which related to the big toe, is the very area where we should massage most with slow pressure and rotating friction since the spinal is located here. Massaging will contribute to ease the tension. You can also do this in the dorsal part of the feet.

Ⅳ. Pay more attention to the lower part of the feet if you are suffering from lower back pain; the upper part of the feet if you are suffering from upper back pain. The shoulder part is located on zone 5 which related to the little toe. Our shoulder pain would be removed gradually when we massage it. 

Ⅴ. In case of future pain, you’d better to repeat this for three time a week at least.


If you suffer from sciatica, Prolapsed Discs, Lumbago, Lower Back Pain, the above mentioned methods would be effective if you suffer. If other symptoms, it may not.

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