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Prostate Cancer and Lower Back Pain

In North American, prostate cancer is a common disease in men. Actually, prostate cancer is the second largest cancer in the world, and the first one is surely the skin cancer. At the same time, prostate cancer has the second death rate which next to lung cancer. Bone pain is regarded as the most serious […]

Chinese Exercise for Lower Back Pain Relief

You may not know that your back pain and stiffness can be alleviated or even relieved through doing various Chinese holistic stretches. If you can insist doing these Chinese lower back stretches, it is sure that your pain will removed gradually; besides, you will enjoy other benefits. The benefits are many and various, such as […]

Shoes for Back Pain Relief

You may not know the shoes that you wear attach great importance to your back pain. The reason is that the shoes shift the three curves of the spine into a non-neutral position, causing compression n the upper or lower back. Generally, back pain is more likely to occur when you wear high-heeled shoes and […]

Lower Back Pain And Muscle Spasms

To the adults, muscle spasm is the main and common reason for lower back pain. It is still unknown the reason for spasm. But it is well known that spasms can be invoked by mental pressure, such as lifting a heavy article improperly, or stretching too much. It is said that people with long-time sitting […]