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How to Live with Chronic Lower Back Pain

Living with chronic lower back pain can be a challenge. Those who have never experienced a chronic pain condition can’t possibly understand how debilitating chronic pain is and how it affects every facet of life. Chronic lower back pain limits mobility, which in turn creates more pain. Many people who suffer from chronic pain will […]

Performing Yoga with Lower Back Pain

If you experience lower back pain, you might be concerned about performing Yoga and exacerbating your condition. Although some forms of Yoga and certain positions may be too strenuous or contraindicated for your particular condition, experts agree that regular exercise, stretching and relaxation techniques that are used in Yoga can decrease lower back pain and […]

Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Exercises for lower back pain are divided into two categories – for preventive purposes and injured back pain. Both categories are very essential and thus accurate procedure is required to avoid any extreme back conditions. Based from the survey, almost 50 millions of people suffered from lower back pain and it is the reason why […]

Pain in Lower Back

Almost everyone feels some amount of lower back pains during a period of one’s lifetime. Pain in lower back is not a disease in itself, but it could be indicative of some underlying diseases that should be diagnosed and treated. Many pains in the lower back region are often very mild, but others could be […]

Recurring Lower Back Pain

When pain in any part of the body is experienced, at times the cause is known while in other cases the cause is difficult to identify. A lot of people all over the world are troubled by recurring lower back pain.