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Total Knee Replacement

Our legs bear the entire weight of our body and allow us to carry ourselves forward in the journey of life, crossing all hurdles and obstacles. Imagine what life would become with legs no more as active and healthy as they should be for your free and willing movement. Human knees may undergo several deformities and damages due to reasons like old age, injury, arthritis, accidents, and sudden lack of strength and degeneration of multiple factors required for the working of a healthy and fit knee. In all these cases, patients of knee disorder scan now take a sigh of relief from all kinds of incurable knee troubles as the total knee replacement surgeries are high in demand and success rate among hundreds of patients and solution-seekers. Continue reading

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Health care professionals all over the world recommend total knee replacement surgery to treat certain medical conditions like the arthritis including trauma caused due to major injuries. With increasing sophistication of modern medicine and medical equipments, people suffering from problems get easy relief. But some risks are involved in the surgery that needs to be taken care of. There is a chance of operation going wrong and some of the knee replacement products or implants tend to have high rate of failure. Many of them are considered unsafe and also recalled. Continue reading

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

The knee replacement surgery is considered a major surgical procedure and it is important for the patient to religiously follow the direction given by the expert orthopedic surgeon for effective knee replacement surgery recovery. The knee has to bear a great amount of weight and hence, a properly designed physical therapy is to be followed right after the knee surgery in order to ensure mobility and movement restoration to the affected knee joint. Continue reading