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Total Knee Replacement

Our legs bear the entire weight of our body and allow us to carry ourselves forward in the journey of life, crossing all hurdles and obstacles. Imagine what life would become with legs no more as active and healthy as they should be for your free and willing movement. Human knees may undergo several deformities […]

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Health care professionals all over the world recommend total knee replacement surgery to treat certain medical conditions like the arthritis including trauma caused due to major injuries. With increasing sophistication of modern medicine and medical equipments, people suffering from problems get easy relief. But some risks are involved in the surgery that needs to be […]

Partial Knee Replacement

This surgical procedure o0f replacing the weight bearing surface to relieve the pain due to occurrence of osteoarthritis It is also useful to cure other knee diseases like rheumatoid & psoriatic arthriritis. In case of severe deformity caused this surgery is bit risky It is medically termed as unicompartmental arthroplasty.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement surgery is advised for treating conditions such as acute or chronic inflammation of joints or the ordeal caused by a major surgery. Owing to the progress of tools and technologies in the medical front, there is lots of advancement in the practices that have helped the sufferers and provided them with a new […]

Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

The knee replacement surgery is considered a major surgical procedure and it is important for the patient to religiously follow the direction given by the expert orthopedic surgeon for effective knee replacement surgery recovery. The knee has to bear a great amount of weight and hence, a properly designed physical therapy is to be followed […]