Colchicine for Gout

Gout can happen to people who are fond of eating foods rich in purine. This is a condition wherein it affects the joints of the patient because the purine crystals are depositing in this area of the body. Early detection is very much needed in terms of treating this condition since it can easily be cured one a person is taking medication in the early or onset of the disease. Colchicine for gout is among of the medications that are recommended for people who are suffering from this kind of condition. There are some facts that you have to know regarding colchicine for gout.

What is Colchicine?

When we speak of colchicine, this is a medication which is pale yellow and is a natural alkaloid that is extracted from the plant called as autumn crocus. This is mainly obtained from other plants. Examples of these are meadow stafforn, seed capsules, bulbs and corns. There is a very significant property that you can expect from colchicine for gout, and this is to suspend the so-called mitotic cycle. Because of the suspension of this kind of process, it will inhibit the possible duplication of the cells in the body.

Isolation of Colchicine

Way back in the past decades, colchicine for gout is already being used by many people from all across the world. The discovery and isolation of this medication was first done by a French scientist’s way back in the year 1820. This is considered as an old drug that is very much powerful in terms of preventing and treating the chronic attack of gout. Even until now, the medication is still used by many doctors and is being prescribed to the people who are suffering from this kind of condition.

Shocking Truth about Colchicine

They say that colchicine for gout has an unknown metabolic effect. But then, it is believed that the medication will decrease the manufacturing of the lactic acid as well as prevent the possible accumulation of the urate crystals in your system. Because of this properly, the drug is one of the most well-known effective medications for this kind of problem in health. As mentioned, colchicine for gout is already been used way back in the previous years. But the shocking fact about this medication is that it was not approved by the FDA, not until the year 2009.

In most cases, physicians are giving colchicine for gout in hourly basis. This is specifically ordered in order to provide relief from the acute attacks of the disease. This is being administered to an individual until the inflammation has already subsided. But then, there are some physicians who are discontinuing the medication since it can potentiate gastrointestinal discomfort. So, if a patient is suffering from gout, it is very important to seek for medical advice before you will use colchicine. This is needed in order to avoid possible untoward reactions to your body. Moreover, this is also very much important in order to determine the exact dose of the medication which will suit to your condition.

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