Chronic Neck and Back Pain Treatment

About one year ago, my back pain was relieved completely. But I still remember clearly that it was on one morning when I was eight years old, I woke up with neck and back pain which affect my normal movement and behavior seriously. Finally, I was even not able to move and confined myself in the wheelchair for long time. Herniated discs, bone spurs and pinched nerves all tortured me. Besides, I still suffered from degenerative disk disease and spinal stenosis. I had been in bed for total eight months in the first year, and undertook two cervical spine operations within four years. My chronic neck and back pain finally become lessen after seven years.

There is useless for you to complain the discomfort and inconvenience your pain took to you. Admit and accept them are the first things you should do. But it does not mean that your pain is incurable. It requires much of time and efforts. Chiropractic care and taking pain medications are still needed even if you have undertaken much physical therapies.

● Target Your Pain
According to my previous experience, ice is effective in relieving muscle pain and heat is effective in your joint pain. This is a well-known fact. However, many sufferers always neglect this fact and thought that their pains will disappear on their own. You must take every opportunity to relax your muscles. From my point of view, gel ice packs which can be found in grocery stores or pharmacies, are really good since they can target back and neck pain exactly. Frozen corn or peas also work if ice pack is no available for you. Some gel packs can be warmed in the microwave or frozen in refrigerator.

● Take Effective Measures to Your Pain
Before your pain is going to worsen, take prescribed muscle relaxants, pain medication or a natural pain reliever first. Your pain would be difficult to cure or relieve if you do not take any remedial measures. Do not rely on alcohol to relieve neck and back pain, which will just add depression and aches on you.

● Be Modest
Previously, I was a super career woman with all kinds of activities inside and out. Suddenly, I changed myself to a completely dependent wife and mother overnight. I still seek help even if I am strong enough to do it. The fact proved that this is really effective in alleviating pain.

● Take it Easy
Do not worry about whether your chronic neck and back pain will till be here tomorrow, the next week or month. It is useless but increases your pain. I am the exact example. In the first two weeks, I always think that my pain will be worsened and will never be healed. Several weeks later, I was almost in desperate and hide myself in quit everyone. I even do not want to get up.

● Get Up and Move Around
It is the last moment when I notice that move is so important to relieve back pain. Throughout my whole body, I just could find that my pinky finger and big toe are the only places that unaffected. In serious condition, you’d better to visit a physical therapist that is proficient enough in relieving cervical or lower back pain. Generally, the physical therapy approach between back pain and sports injuries are different. Do to exercise your arms and legs everyday if you are not able to pay the physical therapy. Do to stop movements before your “ouch point”. You can do more and more before the “ouch point” day after day. After all, pain is not gain.

● Healthy Diet and Celebrate the Little Events
It is worth of praise for your timely getting up and back pain relief. You must bear in mind that you are the director of your life. You are the best friend and coach for yourself. It is not worth to get upset for any losses. Be independent; do not always rely on your families or friends. However, it is also wrong of self take, which is the signal of negative attitude.

● Take More Exercise
Take more exercise as possible as you can, and increase it more when you feel better. Swimming is really good exercise for back pain sufferers since it can reduce the pressure on your back pain. The more the activity you increase, the more your pain relief. An Inversion Table, flat surface you lay upon and tip upside down to relieve pain on pinched nerves, is also effective. You expense will may be covered by insurance. You may be entitled to use part of the expense as a tax write off if it had been confirmed as a need for your medical condition.

● Ask for Help
Previously, I go out with motorized carts for grocery shopping. Then, I concentrated on making it by the “12 Items or Less Isle”. After several visits, I seek help to take items or goods to my car even when I felt too proud to ask.

● Keep a Daily Record
Record your daily thoughts no matter its best or worst. Record your celebrations and frustrations. Review recorded pages from time to time. It is always harder to think how far you have come than how far you have to go.

● Believe in Yourself
I had been thought that my back pain will accompany me throughout my whole life. It was four years ago when I have my last operation, and I was lucky to be told that I could work part time and would be in pain for life. I had been busying in my job for three years, and fortunately, my pain never back again.


In a word, there are many medications which are effective in relieving back pain, such as Acupuncture, Massage, Warm Bath, Hot Tub, Muscle Spasm medication, Pain medication, Excedrine Migraine (OTC). Furthermore, many kinds of exercises are available for your back pain relief, such as Treadmill, Getting up and around, Walking, Physical Therapy Exercises, and Swimming. Besides, you can visit a Physiatrist who is to work with sufferers who may before surgery or after surgery to help relieve pain. My Physiatrist really plays important role in my pain relief.

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