Chronic Lower Back Pain Becomes Progressively Worse With Time

Chronic lower back pain is pain in the lower back region that lasts for a considerable period of time and typically this period of time is not less than three months. Another thing about chronic lower back pain is that its causes are not as yet known and the pain becomes progressively worse. You need to ensure that you keep your back in a correct and straight and upright posture which will help obviate the need to find out how to cure your lower back pain problems.

Lumbar Region

Chronic lower back pain occurs in the lumbar region of the body and it affects the bones that are present in your back and which help support your upper body. These bones are also useful in other ways; typically, to give the body more flexibility.

Your lower back pain can be defined in two different ways: acute back pain and chronic back pain. The former is not a result of any kind of medical condition and it generally does not last for longer than a month and therefore is not categorized as chronic lower back pain. On the other hand if the same pain lasts for as long as three months then it is considered chronic and typically, chronic lower back pain affects about a one to even five percent of the world’s population.

In fact, in America alone more than 20 million people report having suffered from chronic lower back pain and of this about six hundred thousand become disabled by their condition. Also, chronic lower back pain can affect people regardless of their age and the typical symptoms of it include weakness in your legs and suffering from muscle spasms and experiencing stiff and even swollen muscles.

As soon as you realize that you have a chronic lower back pain problem you must get yourself checked and diagnosed by a doctor who will probably take some X-rays and find out the root cause of the problem. Typically, the person that specializes in joints and muscles is known as a rheumatologist and that is who you should go and see.

It pays to first identify the root cause of your chronic lower back pain and only then can you begin treatment for chronic back pain. The sooner you start the treatment the less you will need to suffer from the pain that can often become unbearable and which can even be debilitating as well.