Chronic Knee Pain

If you have got chronic knee pain, it may exert a great influence on your daily activities. Generally speaking, pain behind or underneath the kneecap may be the result of natural wear and tear of aging, misalignment of the knee joint, or injury. You can take some effective measures to cure your pain, including: ice, rest, anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone shots, braces or wraps. Whereas, it is unlikely for you to use posture and movement to alleviate your chronic knee pain, by reducing little pressure exerted on your knees repeatedly that you may not even feel. Even though the pressure is too little to be aware of, it can attribute to greater sprain and constant low-level, chronic knee pain if it is exerted on your knee repeatedly.

Causes of Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by the knee itself or spring from conditions of the hip, ankle, or lower back. Chronic knee pain occurs due to injuries, inflammation and infection.

Generally speaking, arthritis often leads to chronic pain. Osteoarthritis often occurs in the place where the bones rub against each other resulting in pain due to the wear and tear of your cartilage Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation occurring in the place where your membrane grows thicker and produces fluid cramming the joint space. Traumatic arthritis goes together with an injury and damages the cartilage over time, leading to pain and weakened knee function.

What’s more, fractures may lead to swelling, bruising, pain and tenderness. Sprains and wears make your legs lose stability. Worse than that, swelling and a mangling sensation occur on the inner joint of the knee. A crack sound, your knee collapsing, and pain bad enough to make you feel irritated, followed by swelling, comes from a ligament. A tendon tear leads to ache when stretching or bending the knee, and bursitis result in aching and inflaming sacs.

Home Remedies for Chronic Knee Pain

According to the National Guideline Clearinghouse, many knee conditions will be alleviated by using conservative treatment including low impact activities and exercises that make your muscles stronger and more flexible. Removing inflammation has been proved to be helpful in alleviating chronic knee pain. Inflammation exerts a bad effect on you knee. You can change this situation by taking some prevention. Use knee pads to protect your knee or Ace bandage to reduce your pain. Reduce your activities so you can get enough rest for your knee.

If you have swelling on your knee or inflaming body, icing may be very useful for you. Apply ice on the knee when you are on a rest. Raise your knees to a higher place remove swelling and inflammation. Raising the knees also help remove built-up fluid.

Medication for Chronic Knee Pain

First you should relieve pain and inflammation and then try some measures to cure your knee. It is said that Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Advil and Motrin, both of which are non- prescriptive, have been proved to be very effective in alleviating gentle to moderate pain, and relieving swelling. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, for more moderate pain, your doctor can prescribe a COX-2 inhibitor like Celebrex. COX-2 inhibitors work very well by providing a relief for your pain and inflammation. They exert less side effect on your stomach than NSAIDs.

Physical Therapy for Chronic Knee Pain

In order to reduce pain and stress on your joint, you can also take exercise to make your muscles adjacent to your knee strong. Specially trained therapists can assist you in treating muscle and joint injuries and condition. Your therapist will tell you some tricks on how to strengthen your quadriceps—muscles on your kneecap—-such as leg presses, stretches and squats. Your doctor will suggest you do exercise at home, under the instructions of your therapist about three days a week. In addition, if the activity you participate in aggravates your knee pain, stop doing those activities until the pain and inflammation are totally eliminated.

Here are some tricks for relieving chronic knee pain:

While walking, you turn your body to the right or left at a sharp corner with the foot facing forward, the distorting sprain exerted on your knee joint can exacerbate chronic knee pain. If you’re burdening something heavy or pushing a grocery cart or stroller, things get even worse. At that time, you’d better put down the foot and keep your knee straight in the new direction, and reduce the weight on the other foot in order to keep the knee joint from distorting. If you think it works for you, you can develop this habit naturally.

In addition, pressing the knee while it is twisted at a sharp angle can contribute to knee pain. For instance, when you go up stairs or step up a curb or step, try reaching your foot as forward on the higher step as you can. Under this situation, your knee doesn’t flex too much when stepping up.

When you remain sitting for a long time with the knees flexed, you knee pain will get worse. If possible, extent your legs forward while sitting, which makes your knees relaxed.

If you find that particular daily activities tend to arouse your chronic knee pain to break out, you’d better change it. Try to avoid distorting or bending sprain on your knee joint as possible as you can. By this way, your knee joint bears fewer sprains. For example, when you are mowing the lawn with a mower following you around a corner, you’d better put your feet in the new direction after you change the mower’s direction and give it moved again. When you’re pushing sideways with your feet facing forward, it seems that it doesn’t place too much strain on your knees. However, it can attribute to your condition if it is done repetitively whenever you come to a corner. You’d better do it like this: switch your mower off, adjust your feet to the new direction, and then start the mower again. You may reduce the sprain exerted on your knees when doing some activities by repeated trial and error, and careful change in habits.

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