Chinese Exercise for Lower Back Pain Relief

You may not know that your back pain and stiffness can be alleviated or even relieved through doing various Chinese holistic stretches. If you can insist doing these Chinese lower back stretches, it is sure that your pain will removed gradually; besides, you will enjoy other benefits. The benefits are many and various, such as relaxing your stiffness back and neck muscles, improving blood circulation, adjusting vertebrae, and spinal nerve stimulation. Anyway, Chinese holistic stretches is really good to your back pain relief.

Followings are steps of Chinese Lower Back Stretches for your better reference.

Firstly, stand and apart your feet for about a shoulder’s width. Do to make sure that your toes are pointing outwards. Put your hands on your thighs, the very place above your knees. Your hands can get relaxed by doing this. Do to inward your thumbs and fingers. At this moment, take a deep, slow, steady breath through your nose, and then release it through your mouth. Bend your head toward your chest gradually, and forward your pelvis and hips. Finally, stretch only if you could exhale completely. Do to focus your spine. Hold this for about five seconds or so, and continue after seconds rest.

Secondly, raise your head gradually and steadily with nose breathe. Do not stop until you can see behind your body. Back forward your pelvis and hips back. Arch your spine as possible as you can. Hold this posture for about a few seconds. This is really good for your spine.

Thirdly, Lower your backside and head into the first stretching posture with mouth exhale. Rest your head near your chest, and then forward your pelvis and hips. Switch between arching and stretching your back. In case of strain, it is recommended to do five to ten times.

In a word, your endurance would be built up gradually through doing this activity. Five to ten times at the beginning and then strength it gradually. Take it easy!

Make sure your breath is steady, smooth and slow during the whole exercises process. Stop it once any types of dizziness or pain occur on you. Go to see your doctor for better advice.

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