Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

Cervical pain is a serious health problem, which causes weakness of body and loss of sleep. Without gaining enough support, the cervical spine can not keep balance when one lies down. Whether you suffer from a severe or chronic neck pain, a cervical pillow will provide relief from your pain.

Cervical support pillows are capable of alleviating your pain through changing the shape of the cervical spine. A cervical pillow should keep the neck and head in alignment with the spinal column while sleeping. Good neck pillow will be able to relieve the stress exerted on the neck. Many pillows are unable to hold up the natural curve of the neck, therefore causing or aggravating neck pain. However, a pillow should be able to hold up the back of your neck as well as the back of the head.

Cervical pillows are conducive to improving your pose while you lies down. Cervical pillows can improve your sleep quality for it helps to relax the rigid muscles between the neck and shoulders. What’s more, with the stiff muscles relieved and blood increased, cervical pillows are capable of alleviating headaches and migraines. Unlike regular pillows, cervical pillows can prop up the cervical spine whether you are lying on the back or the side.

Density and Design of Cervical Pillow

A cervical pillow should be flexible enough to be deformed easily . Before you choose a cervical pillow, the foam and fiber mixture is what you must first take into consideration. Excellent pliability and flexibility is also a must. If a person is used to sleeping on their back, a lower contour works very well. Instead, for those who usually sleep on their sides, a higher contour is needed. There are some good types that are designed specially for those who sleep on their side

Cervical Neck Pillows Size

The right pillow should be neither too high nor too low so that it is able to keep your head in alignment with you back. When shopping for a neck pillow, you should first consider its comfort and support. A good neck pillow makes you feel relaxed when sleeping. There are various sizes of neck pillows available; you need to try again and again to find the most suitable one for your neck. There is a trick in finding a right cervical pillow for you: let someone measure the area from the base of the neck to the left shoulder. Doing this makes it easy for you to find the most desirable one.


If a cervical pillow results in pain, do not use it any more. A right pillow doesn’t contribute to discomfort.