Causes of Lower Left Back Pain

Finding the causes of lower left back pain can help you in both treating the effects of the pain, strengthening the muscle groups affected and even in certain cases prevent the muscle pain from reoccurring. There are several causes for the pain in your lower left side of your back without using prescribed medicine, surgery or other medical procedures that can in some cases cause more problems than they solve.

The first step in identifying the causes of pain in your lower back is to separate the muscles spasms and soreness that accompanies the underuse, overuse and sudden twinge of muscles from the constant, more serious pain that might indicate a medical condition that requires medical treatment. If your lower back pain is constant and grows in intensity with no discernable cause, then you should seek out your physician as soon as possible. Otherwise, the cause of lower back pain that centers in the muscle areas can be treated simply and effectively without having to pay for medications or expensive exercise equipment. In many cases, pain relief can be done simply and over the long term by employing effective exercise programs, eating a healthy diet and doing simple stretching of the muscle groups to help alleviate the pain.

Most causes of lower left back pain are centered on the muscle groups that are either overworked or underused, causing twinges of pain through soreness or spasms when stretched too far or worked in a manner when the muscles are not ready to handle. Identifying the causes of lower left back pain start by noting when they occur and relating them to the activities that have been done during that time. For those who do manual labor and feel soreness after a long days work will be different from those who feel the pain after bending over to pick up an item or standing up suddenly, but the treatment in both cases is often the same.

For those who do manual labor and work their muscles hard, then the soreness is often the result of using improper techniques when lifting or even standing up. The old adage, “lift with the legs” certainly applies but that may not be enough. Overuse of the lower back muscles can happen by carrying heavy loads correctly, but for too long a time. For example, school children can suffer back pain from carrying their overloaded backpacks around all day even if they are carrying them correctly. What is important is to figure out when the pain is occurring and taking steps to avoid overusing the muscle groups.

For muscle spasms from those who are overweight or in poor physical shape, this can often occur when standing up suddenly or twisting in an unexpected direction. While such spasms can occur to people who are fit, it generally happens less often to them. The way to reduce left lower back pain is to lose the excess weight and start a good cardio exercise program that works the back muscles into shape.

Finding the causes of lower left back pain can go a long way to getting the right treatment quickly and living without the pain and discomfort so you can sleep better and feel better each day.

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