Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are really numerous kinds of back ache, but probably the most typical is pain in the lower back. Why? You may ask. The cause is easy: you carry the majority of your weight in the lower back. Therefore, it’s extremely likely that an individual would endure pain in that region.

There isn’t any definitive cause of lower back pain. Often, the causes of the problem are so complicated that it’s tough to identify just a single one.

Nevertheless, physical therapists along with other health care experts have seen that lower back pain is frequently a direct result strained back muscles and ligaments because of the following activities:

* Improper posture

* Heavy lifting

* Sudden awkward movement

* Muscle spasm

* Stress

We could all be guilty of the above mentioned activities. We may not endure any back pains now, but it is most likely that as we get older and the degree of inhibition of the lower back muscles as a result of these routines increases, lower back pain becomes a really distinct possibility.

In addition to these typical routines, lower back pain might also originate from some particular conditions, like:

* Herniated disc (when the disc material squeezes on a nerve)

* Sciatica (when a herniated disc squeezes on the sciatic nerve. The situation will cause sharp, shooting pain through the buttocks and also the back of the leg.)

* Spinal stenosis (when the space around the spinal-cord and nerve roots gets narrow. This is triggered by joint inflammation and bone overgrowth, the pain resulting from when a nerve gets pinched in the narrow space.)

* Spondylosis (a kind of joint disease affecting the spine because of degenerative modifications due to aging)

* Spondylolisthesis (when one vertebra within the spine slips forward over another)

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