Cause of Gout

Gout is a form of acute arthritis that results in the swelling and painful inflammation of joints, more frequently the knee, toe and angle joints. The high levels of uric acid in blood causes the occurrence of this disease, here diet plays a major role. Since the wrong diet is all it takes to trigger this disease. Gout can be avoided and treated, given that a patient takes really good care of what he eats.

Gout is one of those disease for which the cause remains a mystery, but clinically, doctors have concluded that it is caused by the growth of needle shaped crystals of uric acid on the spaces between joints or the tissue around it. Normally, uric acid in our body is broken down and passed through urine, but when our body starts producing in excess and the kidneys do not eliminate enough, the level builds up and uric acid crystallizes accumulating on bone joints. This is a condition of hyperuricemia, the condition cannot exactly be termed as a dangerous ailment, but if the crystals increase in amount, one thing leads to another and soon a person will notice tender throbbing joints.

Once the crystals accumulate on a person’s joints, they cause acute inflammation and pain, more commonly termed as a gout attack. This attack might not last long, but it will occur from time to time with increasing intensity. Indicating that a person has high levels of uric acid in his/her blood.

There are two ways of uric acid accumulating in our blood stream, one it is due to the wrong diet, two it is because our body itself is producing too much of it. What happens is, purines are naturally occurring substances in our body, when our body breaks them down, the release hefty amounts of uric acid. However, high amounts of this particular acid are also contained in foods such as organ meats, anchovies, herring, asparagus and mushrooms.

People with high levels of uric acid will find that the reduction of purine rich foods in their diet will benefit their arthritic condition. People who are obese, a healthy weight loss plan will also help them reduce the levels of uric acid. Gout is caused by an enzyme defect that interferes with how a body breaks down purines in the blood stream, which more than frequently results in a severe attack of gout. Other than that, an exposure to an environment that consists of hefty amounts of lead can also lead to corrosion of joints and acute swelling. The side effects of certain medicines also results in the building of uric acid crystals. However, at the same time, the disease is not incurable; numerous treatments out there can be used in order to cure gout – permanently.

As soon you find the causes of gout, you must not wait for a single second and immediately work on getting it cured. Also, do not forget to see your doctor as the best and most effective way of curing a problem like this is to consult your physician and follow his prescribed medicines and diet.

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