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Spinal Arthritis

Physical Rehab for Spinal Arthritis

Osteoarthritis or spinal arthritis can be a debilitating disease that affects every facet of life. Regular exercise and Physical therapy is the most effective, non-drug treatment to reduce pain and increase mobility in those suffering spinal arthritis. Treatment focuses on strengthening the muscles around the arthritic joint; this increases mobility, decreases joint stiffness and reduces pain by supporting the arthritic joint. Specific exercises must be done correctly to avoid stress to the arthritic joint and to avoid injury. Continue reading

Spinal Arthritis Diet

Spinal arthritis affects the joints in the back and neck. It creates stiffness, swelling and pain in the joint and the muscles surrounding the joints. It is a vicious cycle that may require medication to treat. In addition to regular exercise and stretching routines, many patients have found a spinal arthritis diet to be beneficial. Continue reading

Symptoms of Upper Spinal Arthritis

Upper spinal arthritis or cervical spondylosis is caused by the chronic wearing of the cervical spine. This kind of disease causes a lot of significant muscular and neurological symptoms of pain in the upper body. This happens when there is a breakdown of cartilage and abnormal formation of bone growth in the upper part of the spine. These changes in the spinal structure can cause a compression of the different nerves in the back and the nerves that extend to the arms. In severe cases, the spinal cord may also be affected and this ca not only extends to the arms but to the legs as well. Continue reading

Pilates Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Pilates Exercises are an exercise method that focuses on improving posture. Bad or poor posture is a major cause of back pain.  People with tight hamstrings and flat spine (with a diminished S curve) or with an accentuated curve to the lower spine, commonly suffer from lower back pain. Improving your posture when sitting, standing, and performing your daily routine, will help prevent and alleviate lower back pain. Continue reading

Arthritis in Lower Back

Arthritis can strike in any joint of the body, from your neck down to your feet arthritis is a disease that destroys the tissues linking your joints together. The results are inflammation of the joints with stiffness and considerable pain at times. Arthritis in lower back areas can be considerably annoying since we use the muscle areas around our lower spine whenever we move around from lying or seated position to standing or even just walking can be painful. When arthritis in lower back joints becomes inflamed it can severely restrict our mobility and cause great pain. Continue reading

Exercises For Thoracic Spine Arthritis

The Thoracic Spine

The thoracic spine or the thoracic vertebrae compose the middle part of the vertebral column. It is found in between the cervical vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae. The entire thoracic spine is composed of twelve individual thoracic vertebrae, each with distinctive characteristics. The thoracic spine is located in the chest area, this is the section found in a person’s upper back. Continue reading

Stretches For Spinal Arthritis

Spinal arthritis is a very painful kind of arthritis which can affect several parts of the body. This kind of arthritis usually happens to people who age 40 and above, although younger people could also get this condition given factors like injury or genetic defect of the cartilage. It is a condition wherein the protective cartilage that cushions the tops of bones wears down. Continue reading

Degenerative Arthritis in The Spine Exercises

What is Degenerative arthritis?

Degenerative arthritis in the spine is also called osteoarthritis (OA) or spondylosis. It is often caused by the wear-and-tear breakdown of the body’s joint surfaces and cartilage. While OA can occur in any joint of the body, it is more commonly centered in the cervical and lumbar spine, caused by excessive stress and improper motions in the joint. People who suffer from degenerative arthritis in the spine typically have back or neck pains, have a very limited range of motions, experience feelings of numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, and overall muscle weakness. According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no cure for degenerative arthritis in the spine. Continue reading

Arthritis of the Lower Spine Treatment

While there are currently no proven treatments to halt or even just slow down the progression of arthritis of the lower spine, one can have treatments that can at least lessen the pain and mitigate the other symptoms associated with the condition. Many people who suffer from arthritis of the lower spine are able to lead normal lives, without having to undergo specific treatment regimens. For those who will require treatment, they can choose from an array of approaches, depending on the severity of the condition. Continue reading