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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Our legs play one of the most significant roles in bearing the entire weight of our body and in allowing us mobility to carry ahead with life and time and various day-to-day requirements and thus to keep our knees in good and healthy shape is one of our utmost physical necessities. However, due to daily wear and tear, sudden injuries or accidents, ailments, old-age and various other factors leading to knee damages and deformities we become bound to seek medical relief and assistance to get rid of knee pains and malfunctioning. Continue reading

Spinal Stenosis Exercises

If you are diagnosed with spinal stenosis, you might think that there’s no other way to treat it but to go through medication or surgical process. However, there are exercises that you can do to help you get rid of it. Stenosis exercises are very effective especially if you do it right and if you will consult the guidance of the experts. Some of the exercises that you can do are stationary biking, swimming, and Thai Chi but these are just some activities that you can enjoy doing while you are treating stenosis. Continue reading

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

When we are getting old we usually experience changes in our body that sometimes leads to illnesses or diseases caused by our lifestyle. As we age, our bones slowly become weak, which can result to spinal stenosis. This is a common condition of our body when our spinal cord is no longer healthy and we abuse it by lifting heavy materials. To avoid it from getting weaker, we must start eating healthy foods especially those that are high in calcium. Aside from aging, one can also experience spinal stenosis when it has been in accident that causes for its spine to narrow. Usually it is felt in your neck or at your lower back. Although spinal stenosis treatment is possible, you still need to be more careful of yourself to avoid experiencing it. Continue reading

Stenosis Of The Spine

We cannot deny the fact that the spine is one of the most important groups of bones in our body. More so, it serves as one of the most vital parts of the body as a whole. It is basically known for making sure that the spinal cord is protected so that we can live a pretty normal life. After all, we all know for a fact that when the spinal cord is paralyzed, one needs to face the wrath that it can inflict on him/her like severe back pain which commonly radiates even from the neck, to the lower back and even down to the legs. We can also notice that there will be a tingling sensation particularly at the lower extremities. In addition to that, there will also be paralysis in the long run which can even lead to death. And when it comes to the spine as well as the spinal cords, we can never do away with the issue when it comes to stenosis of the spine. Continue reading

Spinal Cord Injury

It is just so alarming and frustrating that every year, there are approximately 200,000 people who are suffering from spinal cord injury. However, this is not anymore something that we should be surprised about owing to the fact that there are plenty of things as well as situations which might actually lead to such a situation. Some of the common causes of the said injury are sports-related injuries, backseat failure accidents, violence, seatbelt failure accidents, construction accidents, falls, vehicular accidents as well as trauma. But let us not just limit it to such scenarios because even known medical conditions may lead to such like arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, polio and the like. Continue reading

Spinal Cord Compression

One of the most sensitive parts of our body is the spinal cord because once it’s injured our whole body movement will be affected. There’s a huge possibility that we won’t be able to do our job effectively when it is fractured or we are experiencing spinal cord compression. This happens when an individual had an accident, falls, or if it takes too much of alcohol, diseases, and injuries from sports or recreation. Continue reading

Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

Studies will clearly show that spinal stenosis or also known as the lumbar spinal stenosis is one of the results of the lower back pain which, as we all know it is very difficult for us to be able to address on. You can even see that in the United States of America alone, the spinal stenosis is one of the most unbearable conditions. That is why as early as now we must look into the spinal stenosis symptoms and how we can be able to do away with it before it gets worst.
For those people who are not acquainted yet with stenosis of the spine might actually ask what such condition is. For the most part, it is known as the narrowing of the spinal canal which actually leads to the excessive pressure inflicted on the spinal cords as well as the nerve roots. Continue reading

Spinal Decompression Therapy

More often than not, we face a lot of things as well as a lot of situations in our daily life which prove that we are human. And being human is synonymous to experiencing pain and some difficulties in our physical facets. One of which that we might experience is spinal compression which is very prevalent at the back and on the neck. This becomes prevalent because of the irregularities that happen in our spinal column which constitutes the spinal cords, nerve roots and the spinal nerves. Continue reading

Spinal Decompression Surgery

When you are already experiencing pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and unsteadiness it could be a sign that you are experiencing nerve compression in your spine. As a remedy for this condition, spinal decompression surgery is needed. There are various ways to decompress and these are diskectomy, laminotomy, laminectomy, foraminotomy, foraminectomy, osteophyte, and corpectomy. These surgeries are done depending on what you need. Continue reading

Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Our body is indeed made with great creativity. The parts of our body manifest the greatness that our Creator hands can do. Every part of our body has a lot of roles to do and all of these are beneficial for our own being. Just like our shoulder blades which are located at the back of our shoulder. This is the triangular one which is medically known for its name as scapula. It is actually the connector known to make up the collar bone or the clavicle with the arm bone or the humerus. It has been the primary muscle involved in every movement that our neck as well as shoulders makes. However, it is just inevitable that we face some injuries and accidents which led to pain between shoulder blades. Continue reading

Spinal Cord Stimulator

The spinal cord is considered as one of the vital yet sensitive parts of the human body that once it is injured it can affect our life and some of our body parts will not function 100%. Injuries of spinal cord usually start when the vertebrate is dislocated or if it has been fractured. When this happens, we experience pain at our lower back and ignoring it can worsen the situation. Once you’ve started feeling pain at your lower back, it will be better to consult a doctor immediately rather than ignoring it. Chronic pain at the spinal cord could only be lessened with the use of spinal cord stimulator (SCS). The electrical current that the device releases blocks the pain that an individual feel that will result for you to no longer feel it. There are several types of SCS these are the conventional systems, radiofrequency systems, and the rechargeable systems.
Continue reading

Knee Pain Treatment

Plenty of people are afflicted by knee pain at some time or the other. Knee supports our total body weight. Knee is definitely a very crucial bones in your body and thus it is very important to care for our knees. Though it may be simple to treat knee pain, so to get back pain treatment and relief you need to know the exact factor behind your knee pain prior to going on to fix it. The knee is considered the most complicated joint that any of us use for everything;Such as walking, wandering, jumping, running, sitting yourself down, standing up and etc. Continue reading