Back Stretching Exercises for Back Pain

Back exercise can expand the lower back muscles and it is of great help to relieve back pain caused by over-loaded back muscles. Spine rehabilitation is also conducted through back exercise. Back pain patients put through an exercise regimen for exercise can stretch the back and promote blood to circulate better than before.

You will hear many complaints about back pain by people now and then. It is reported that about 75% to 85% of people will develop back pain during their life time. The lumbar region of the spine will suffer this pain most easily for it bears most of the body weight. Sudden twisting and bending can also result in injury to the back. What’s more, poor posture will lead to stiff muscles, which will cause back pain. Back exercise will be of great help to your stiff muscles.

Back exercise stretches need to be done gently so that it will not bring another injury to your back. You should treat your back gently and not do strenuous movement. The exercise schedule that you follow should start gently, and gradually build over a period of a few weeks. It would do harm rather than good to your back if you do not follow the above mentioned advice concerning the back pain exercise.

Do some warming-up before you begin your back stretch exercise to stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons in the area surrounding the back. The function of the muscles and tendons associated with the spine is to conduct movement. As a result, they are supposed to be stretched everyday to perform their best. The hamstring muscles are also playing an important part in back pain problems. Most people suffered back pain because of their stiff hamstring muscles.

Stand comfortably with your feet and shoulder width apart. And then slowly bend forward and try to touch your toes with your hands without bending your knees. You should move with fluidity and do not behave too rashly. Be careful not to stretch excessively. Once you feel pain, you should stop as soon as possible. This exercise stretches your hamstring muscles. Your back pain will be relieved if you continue to do the exercise. You can also lie down in bed or on a mat to do this exercise.

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