Back Pain Types

Generally speaking, in order to get a general understanding of you physical condition, the doctor may ask you some questions, such as your past heath, symptom, and daily activities, etc. Then the doctor will do a physical exam. Combined with your answers and the exam, the doctor will find out the reasons for you pain and may suggest you an effective treatment which aim at your symptom specially.

In most cases, there is no need for the sufferers to have some further tests, such as X-rays, CT scan, and MRIs. Only in some rare cases when you have a herniated disc, a broken bone, a cancer, or you are going to have a surgery, will these further tests are needed. Alternatively,ff you are involved in worker’s compensation or a lawsuit, having these imaging tests may contribute you to find out the truth.

According to its incubation period, doctors often divide the back pain into three types:

1.Acutely if the incubation period is less than three months. Generally, this kind of back pain will disappear after four to six weeks later with your home treatment.

2.Recurrently if the back pain occur again. However, it is a common phenomenon when the pain back again, and the majority of people may encounter this.

3.Chronically if the pain lasts more than three months and interrupt you life seriously.

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