Back Pain Treatments

Back pain treatments

In most cases, people who suffer from back pain are not sue the back pain causes.

In order to check the causes, your doctor is more likely to test the range of your movements, nerve function and then touch your body to fix the painful area. However, if your pain is too seriously enough to limit you motions, your doctor may take other measures. To make sure that your back pain is not resulted from an injection or other widespread medical symptoms, having a blood and urine test is necessary.

X-rays are not only used to locate the broken bone or other skeletal drawbacks but also to check the probably problems in connective tissue. Computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, which known as CT and MRI scans accordingly, are often used to analyze soft-tissue damage. Generally, X-rays and imaging studies are only used for checking out direct trauma to the back, back pain with fever, or nerve problems such as seriously weakness or numbness in the legs. What’s more, an electromyogram (EMG) can be used on the purpose of check out probably nerve or muscle damage.

You and your doctor must caution enough when you are going to perform X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies, because some non-specific and unrelated abnormalities may also presence on the images incorrectly. For example, we may regard common and expected damages in the spine as the causes of your back pain. Similarly, x-rays are useless if your pain is chronically without any a significant injury or if you lose your sensation and totally immobilized.

Generally, if the back pain originates in the spine, it is effective to these imaging tests to diagnose you back pain. However, actually, the pain often occurs in the back which connected with back muscles. Therefore, most of back pain can not be diagnosed totally through the imaging studies.

Opioids can relieve your pain by changing the function of the nervous system and changing negative moods and emotions, and then raise your spirit immediately. However, if your back pain is resulted from an injury or a disease, you should avoid use it since Long term use of opioids can be addictive.

In some emergency case when your attending doctor is not able to control you pain, he may suggest you to see a back specialist or a pain specialist who will use injections of steroids or anesthetics to help ease the pain.

Generally, the effects of injections in and around the spine is very limited since it can only ease you pain for a short time, and the pain may occur again when its efficacy are run out of. Furthermore, this kind of injections is always expensive and exist potential negative effects. Sometimes, some non-physician experts such as therapists, counselors, and patient educators are also specialized in back pain, and it is very common for the pain specialists or back specialists to seek advices from them.

Some physicians encourages the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, which known as TENS to relieve the pain when patients get recover from the strained or moderately injured back. Patients can use this treatment on their own after several times instructions under the physicians.

Generally, it is not advisable to perform a back pain surgery for the nonspecific back pain. Because in most causes if you are not lose of movements and sensation, the spinal symptoms would not give rise to the chronic non-specific back pain. However, if your pain extends into extremities and the imaging tests also show that there is damage or squeezing to the nerve tissue in the spine, your doctors may suggest you to perform a surgery. Surgery is also within your consideration if your pain did not get any improvement by medications, self-care exercises at home or a physical therapy.

In emergency cases when you suffer from extreme nerve damage, and in order to the pain spreads into your brain, having a rhizotomy, that sever a nerve through a surgery is a good option. Rhizotomy is effective on improving he symptoms caused by friction between the spinal joint surfaces. However, it is nonsense to have a rhizotomy if you suffer form a herniated disc or other symptoms.

The opinions to chiropractic manipulation are different. According to the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, they hold that spinal manipulation is an effective treatment for acute low-back pain because it can prevent the chronic problems from developing further. However, some doctors who hold the contrary view said that chiropractic manipulations are useless especially in relieving pain that related to rapid twisting of the neck. Frankly speaking, Chiropractic care has its advantage and disadvantage. For the acute and chronic back pain, it is effective because it does not require any prescription medications and not invasive

Osteopathic treatment is the multiple one which combine the drug therapy with spinal manipulation, and then followed by physical therapy and proper exercises.

According to clinical achievements and positive research results, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) declared that acupuncture is an effective treatment choice for those people who suffer from low back pain. It can relieve the pain moderately or even completely. There is clinical evidence that acupuncture can be used alone or followed or accompanied by medications and other exercises. However, as well as other treatments, acupuncture can only relieve the pain for a short time and the pain is more likely occur again.

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