Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Any woman who has been pregnant before knows all of the aches and pains that may come with pregnancy. Back pain is a main discomfort during pregnancy.  About 50 % to 70% of expectant mothers not only suffer from pregnancy sickness and labor pains but also experience the unwelcomed back pain. Generally, back pain first appears in the second half of pregnancy along with the change of your body weights. Back pain in pregnancy is more likely to place more strain on the expectant mothers.

It is good news that there is no need for the pregnancy women to fear about their back pains since it will not last for a long term unless you had chronic back aches before pregnancy. Furthermore, the pain will ease gradually before it extends. At the same time, you can take some measures to treat you low back pain or reduces the its risks of getting worse.

Exercise for Pregnancy in Back Pain. Doing regular back exercise will not only contribute to strengthen your stiffness muscles and improve the flexibility but also to relieve the extra stress on your spine. According to a 2005 International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, it is showed that pregnancy women will benefit from doing exercises three times a week for 12 weeks during the second half of pregnancy, because it can prevent the low back pain from getting worse. Those exercises may include walking, swimming, and stationary cycling, etc. In addition to these safe exercises, you might as well to do some proper exercise which will strengthen the muscles in you back and abdomen under you doctor or physical therapist’s instruction.

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