Back Pain Diagnosis

Back Pain Diagnosis
Back pain is a clinical diagnosis. Generally, the doctor will be able to make the diagnosis based on your medical history and a physical examination. In addition to these diagnoses, your doctor may suggest you to have some imaging tests.

1. X-ray. Through X-ray, you can get a visible view of you bone structures in the spine ann check whether there are any abnormal symptoms.

2. CT Scans. Through CT scans, the doctor can confirm whether herniated disc, spinal stenosis or other special conditions existed.

3. MRI scans´╝îMRI scans can provide a better picture of the spinal nerves, and are most abroadly applied in pre-surgical stage.

Actually, besides above imagine tests, there are other treatments are used to identify back problems. For example, some injections are often used not only used on the purpose of diagnosis but also for relieve your back pain.

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