Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

The shoulder blade is a structure that is also referred to as scapula. Sometimes, you may experience pain in the muscle tissues of this area. In this edition, we will talk about this issue in details.

The shoulder blade is a structure that lies in the upper region of the back portion of the body that also connects the arm with the thorax. In addition to this, the shoulder blades can also be considered as a portion of the socket that relates the upper arm to the socket. This region is surrounded by several muscular tissues that provide support to the structure of the bones thereby facilitating a soothing movement in the shoulder region. In other words, the shoulder region also aids in the movement of the hands and similar to other parts of the body, this structure may become affected at times and you experience pain in this region due to swelling and inflammation. This condition is also referred to as pain in the shoulder blades.

The pain in the this region or the back pain between the shoulder blades can result from a number of factors and one of the most common source is an inflammation of some of the tissues surrounding the scapula or the shoulder blades or tendons. These muscles become inflamed due to any injury or overstrain or it may also be that some of the muscles may be torn due to some pressure. If you have suffered an accident, a similar thing can also happen in the tissues and tendon or the ligaments in the scapula region. A possible dislocation can also result in severe pain in this region. The other cause is the presence of a bone tumor or infection but such cases are lesser as compared to the more common reasons.

A back pain between the shoulder blades surely indicates trouble in the tissues, tendon or the ligaments, or some other muscle sin the shoulder region. On the other hand, there are different types of pain and all of them are not associated with a swelling or an infection or some other problems in the region of scapula. A pain between the shoulder blades shows that this pain can result from various reasons other than an infection in the scapula region. This kind of discomfort is often referred to as referred pain.

Back pain between shoulder blades show that there might be some pain in any other organ of the body and it may range from mild to moderate to extreme. In other words, you may get a pain from the thorax region or the lower part of the neck that has spread to this region that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is clear therefore that even if you visit a doctor, you should be able to explain the exact location from where the pain is originating because it will help the medical specialist to proceed for the right treatment. Bad posture is considered as another prime reason for the back pain between shoulder blades.

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