Back Pain and Nausea

Back pain and nausea symptoms together can be caused by several different medical conditions. Depending on where the back pain is located and when the nausea occurs can help determine if a serious medical condition is occurring or if the nausea is caused by severe back pain. Nausea or vomiting can occur as a symptom of severe back pain and not be a symptom of some other medical condition.

Determine the location of the back pain and when you feel nausea. Is the nausea occurring on an empty stomach, full stomach, before you eat or after you eat? This information is necessary in determining what medical condition you are suffering from.

If the back pain is in the lower back, on the right or left side, or both sides, you may be suffering from a kidney condition. Kidney stones can create severe pain and nausea.

Many women experience lower back pain and nausea during their menstrual cycle. Cramping not only occurs in the abdomen but in the lower back also. Nausea is a common symptom for women who experience lower back pain during their menstrual cycle. It can start a few days before the period starts and last throughout, although it usually gets better after the first 4 days. You should talk to you doctor if you experience severe pain.

The number one cause for back pain and nausea is pregnancy. Some women can have a menstrual cycle and be pregnant without knowing it. They assume that the back pain and nausea are just symptoms of an unusual menstrual cycle, when in reality, they are experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy. If there is a chance you could be pregnant and are experiencing any other symptoms such as weight gain, bloating or fatigue, check to see if you are pregnant.

If your back pain is located in the mid back or upper back, your nausea could be a symptom of a gall bladder attack. Some heart conditions can cause back pain and nausea. You should contact a doctor immediately if you suddenly experience upper or mid back pain with nausea. Gastrointestinal conditions like acid reflux can cause back pain and nausea.

Once you have ruled out medical conditions that could be causing your back pain and nausea, you may just be suffering from back pain that is causing nausea. Severe pain of any kind can cause you to feel nauseous or to vomit. Back pain in the mid back will more often cause nausea since the nerves that go to the stomach are in this area of the spine. If these nerves are pinched or if muscle spasms are intense and put pressure on these nerves, you will feel nausea and it can escalate to vomiting. Several pain medications and muscle relaxants for back pain can cause stomach upset. Try taking your medication with food or milk. If you are still experiencing nausea with your back pain, your doctor may be able to prescribe medication to combat the nausea when it occurs or your doctor may change some of the medications you are using to treat your back pain, to see if they are easier on your stomach.

Serious medical conditions can cause back pain and nausea, seek a professional medical diagnosis.

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