Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Our legs play one of the most significant roles in bearing the entire weight of our body and in allowing us mobility to carry ahead with life and time and various day-to-day requirements and thus to keep our knees in good and healthy shape is one of our utmost physical necessities. However, due to daily wear and tear, sudden injuries or accidents, ailments, old-age and various other factors leading to knee damages and deformities we become bound to seek medical relief and assistance to get rid of knee pains and malfunctioning.

Several advances and development have come to being in the field of medical sciences and surgeries and arthroscopic knee surgery is certainly one of them. This is considered as a common operational procedure wherein the patient’s knee-joint is viewed with a small yet high-definition and technically advanced camera as the same provides a clear and comprehensive view to the surgeons and doctors about the exact condition or problem-area inside the knee. The process has gained much popularity since the past years till date that more and more patients are opting for and are suggested by their doctors to go under knee arthroscopies for better knee-treatments.

In the process of arthroscopic knee surgery, the camera that is inserted in the knee joint is used to get a clear picture of the knee conditions and aliments which shows in a nearby television monitor. The doctor then after seeing the minute details of the patient’s knee structure start performing the surgery by making incisions around the knee area and by inserting small surgical instruments to remove damaged tissue or to repair a damage. Before suggesting or prescribing arthroscopic knee surgery to any patient, doctors make sure to perform a complete physical and orthopedic evaluation of the patient in order to assess his/her medical histories regarding other relevant ailments and diseases, reaction to certain medications and medical procedures, general health conditions and so on through pre-operative tests like EKG (electrocardiogram) and similar.

The entire process of arthroscopic knee surgery is based on the principle of clear, proper and comprehensive diagnosis of your knee problems with the help of a medical camera and taking surgical actions according to the requirements and immediacies. The surgical instruments used in this field can be scissors, lasers and motorized shavers and the same will again depend upon the condition and nature of repair and treatment needed to mend the damage. This particular process of knee surgery have proven its success rate in reconstructing torn anterior ligament, removing and repairing of torn cartilage, removing loose fragments of cartilage and bone, trimming of torn pieces of auricular cartilage and removing inflamed synovial tissue.

However the surgery makes the patients return back to his/her normal movements of day to day work and activities, the patients should strictly follow the doctor’s restrictions, advises and prescriptions which will follow the surgery, as its longevity and positive after-effects will depend upon how the patient have taken care of their operated knee and to what extent ha he/she followed the healthy instructions.

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