Arthritis Supplies for Day-to-Day Living

People with arthritis experience constant or periodic pain and discomfort. Arthritis supplies are devices designed to provide them with pain relief and make their daily living more comfortable. If you are an arthritis patient, you may want to invest on the following arthritis supplies:

For instance, modified cookware and eating utensils are arthritis supplies that make cooking and dining easier. An example of an adaptive eating utensil is a utensil set with a cushioned rubber grip handle that is comfortable to the hands but allows tight gripping even if the utensil is wet. Along with non-slip utensils, you can also purchase a scoop plate, which has a curved rather than a flat side so you can push food easily into your spoon. There are easy-to-grip cups and mugs ideal for people with hand or finger arthritis who lack hand grip or who suffer from swollen joints in the hands. For cooking, there are knives, peelers, jar and bottle openers, cutting boards and other kitchen tools also designed to aid a person with weak arthritic hands.

There are also hygiene, dressing and bathing arthritis supplies such as a hands-free and portable hair dryer stand, which has a metal holder with a band that holds the dryer in place and an adjustable neck that allows the blow dryer to be positioned in any angle. For people with hip arthritis who have undergone hip joint replacement, a useful device is an elevated saddle-style toilet seat especially designed to prevent certain hip movements or position that can make the condition of the hips worse.

An example of bathing arthritis supplies is a shower seat that you can fit into the corner of your shower stall so you can shower while sitting down. This device is ideal for people who cannot stand for too long. It also has a soap and wash cloth holder. For easy washing of hair while in bed, there is the inflatable shampoo basin, which gives comfortable support to the neck and shoulders and has a deep design to prevent splashing. 

Other arthritis supplies that help make daily living easier are reachers to get hold of hard-to-reach objects such as items in the cupboard or shelves and objects on the floor, level adaptors for door knobs, grips for the faucet, big buttoned remote controls, book holders, pen cushions, big switches for lamps, and tabletop scissors.

Arthritis can make the simplest activities painful. The right arthritis supplies are helpful whether for mild or acute arthritis cases to make everyday living easier and more comfortable.