Arthritis Natural Remedies

The pain of arthritis is well known to those who suffer from this debilitating disease. While prescription and over the counter medication can provide temporary relief, many of those who are afflicted are seeking arthritis natural remedies to either augment or even replace normal medication. In all cases, those who are seeking arthritis natural remedies should consult with their physician about the potential side effects from mixing natural products with any medication that they are taking.

Weight Loss: The biggest, most effective natural treatment to help relieve the pain of arthritis is to lose the excess weight. Every pound of excess weight means your knees feel four times the pressure, so maintaining a healthy weight takes plenty of stress off the joints, though losing the weight will take effort and discipline.

Exercise: Not only can this help those who suffer from arthritis lose the weight. It can also help keep the joints more active and is especially important for those who have osteoarthritis. Even those in advanced states of the disease can benefit from swimming, one of the best exercises that put little pressure on the joints, yet increase their flexibility. Combining aerobic with anaerobic exercise can take off the weight and reduce pain significantly.

Acupuncture: Several clinical studies have show definite reductions of pain when undergoing acupuncture treatment. Although not all of those who have arthritis showed the same results, for some acupuncture may be one of the more effective arthritis natural remedies.

Glucosamine: While still somewhat controversial, there are some studies that show it has some pain relieving effects in certain arthritis patients. If taken, glucosamine must be in its pure form, rather than glucosamine hydrochloride which has not shown any positive results. Consulting with your physician is a must if you are also taking other medicines.

Chondroitin: Another substance that had promising early results in clinical studies, but now is seen more as a supplement than an actual stand alone pain reliever. The benefits of taking chondroitin are that it’s virtually without side effects, even on people who are more fragile or in poor health, and most people can take moderate doses every day.

Fish Oil: The benefits of fish oil on the cardiovascular system are well documented, but the anti-inflammatory qualities of fish oil have also been speculated that it too might one of the good arthritis natural remedies. Unfortunately, the clinical studies on fish oil show that its effect is moderate at best. But given that it also has relatively few, if any side effects, taking fish oil capsules every day can make a moderate difference in the levels of pain that someone suffering from arthritis may feel.

Other arthritis natural remedies include less effective or very temporary pain relief such as topical creams which are marketed as good arthritis relief substances, though their effect is very temporary at best. Another interesting treatment involves pulses of electricity to the affected regions. Sometimes the treatment is combined with acupuncture and has been shown to also deliver temporary relief.

Finding good arthritis natural remedies starts with improving your own health by exercising and losing excess weight. Those two factors alone can bring a great deal of pain relief that can allow other forms of medication or supplements to work as well.

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