Arthritis Lower Back Pain Relief

When people say, “I have arthritis,” it would sound like they are referring to a specific ailment, which it is not. Arthritis, which means an inflammation of the joint, can refer to something that describes more than 100 rheumatic diseases that are generally characterized by pain, stiffness in or swelling of the joints. While any joint in the body can be affected by arthritis, the most common incident of arthritis is that of the lumbar spine, when the muscles and joints of this general area are inflamed resulting in what is commonly called arthritis lower back pain. However, the cause of this lower back pain can be traced to any number of reasons like a sports injury, a problem with one of the internal organs like the kidneys, obesity or the repetitive lifting of heavy loads at home or in the workplace. Arthritis lower back pain also tends to manifest itself the older one gets.

What causes arthritis lower back pain?

While it is oftentimes difficult to identify the immediate cause of arthritis lower back pain, the following conditions have been observed to be contributory factors in developing arthritis lower back pain:

· A family history of abnormalities in the lumbar spine area, like scoliosis, can make one susceptible to developing lower back pain;

· Being overweight can lead to arthritis lower back pain because of the additional weight one has to carry around which places additional stress on the lumbar area;

· Older people also become more susceptible because the muscles become less supple, the cartilage more brittle and the ligaments between the joints get thinner as a consequence of ageing;

· Previous injuries to the lower back area can also trigger arthritis lower back pain later on as the muscles and bones may have been weakened considerably by the injury;

· The nature of one’s work can likewise be another reason for developing the condition. When you have to lift heavy objects or when you have to do a lot of bending in your work, you put a lot of strain on your lumbar muscles.

Are there any arthritis lower back pain relief in sight?

Given this dichotomy of causes and the individual characteristics of the patients themselves, it will likewise not be easy to arrive at a general way of addressing the problem. However, the following approaches have been found to relieve arthritis lower back pain, although in varying degrees of effectivity depending on the physical condition of the person and the cause of the arthritis lower back pain:

· Strengthening the muscles that support the lower back through physical therapy sessions and supervised exercises;

· Taking prescription medications to lessen the pain and reduce the swelling of the muscles;

· For people who are overweight, losing some of the pounds will help alleviate the condition;

· Some doctors may recommend a surgical procedure to correct any physiological problem that may be present;

· Alternative treatments like acupuncture or reflexology may also be resorted to.

· For someone going through the spasms of arthritis lower back pain anything that will work to lessen, if not entirely eliminate the pain, must be tried.

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