Arthritis Knee Pain Treatment

As an underlying disabling factor, knee arthritis pain can leads to collapse and degradation of the articular cartilage in the knee joint. Once the knee arthritis develops, pain levels will rise while the knee doesn’t work properly. Therefore, several treatment methods are put forward to deal with the knee problems. Sometimes knee arthritis pain is completely cured.

Pain Medication for Arthritis Knee

We can use a lot of pain medications to treat arthritic knee joint pain. These medications can be divided into two kinds: basic over-the-counter pain formulations such as acetaminophen-based pain relievers and more powerful prescription medications such as opiate/narcotic-based formulations. For less severe cases of knee arthritis, pain medication management works very well. But for severe cases, it proves to be useless. Generally speaking, they need more invasive treatment types such as knee replacement surgery.

Joint Injections for Arthritis Knee

If conservative forms of treatment are useless to severe cases of knee arthritis, knee joint injections are often used. As a normal way, the doctor injects a small amount of corticosteroid which usually called cortisone directly into the knee joint. It can help to alleviate swelling and irritation of the knee joint capsule, and thereby reduce knee pain and eliminate knee pain altogether. Although they can relieve knee pain, repeat injections will be needed.

Knee Osteotomy

Sometimes knee osteotomy can be used to reduce and eliminate arthritic knee pain. It means removing a wedge or wedges of bone around a knee joint and fixing it into a correct position. By this way, it greatly helps to balance stress loaded on the knee joint. As to severe knee arthritis, a knee osteotomy can transform healthier and less-degraded knee joint cartilage into a full weight-bearing area. And this method helps to improve function of knee. In some cases, it reduces and even removes arthritic knee pain.

Massage for Arthritis Knee

Massaging can provide a relief to your painful, arthritic knee joint. In mild cases, it will remove your knee pain totally and improve knee joint function. Generally speaking, the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joint tend to get tightened and spasm because of an arthritic knee joint. It will aggravate the knee joint pain and impose restrictions on movements of joint. So using massage can enormously speed up blood flow of muscles and soft tissues, which assists in decreasing muscle and sometimes eliminating knee pain.

Joint Replacement

Total knee joint replacements can be used to cure severe knee arthritis. It means using artificial implant materials to reconstruct damaged knees through operations. It proves to work very well in recovering the knee joint mobility and function. And it can heal knee joint pain completely. So far, it is the only way that can completely eliminate arthritic knee pain.

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