Arthritis in Lower Back

Arthritis can strike in any joint of the body, from your neck down to your feet arthritis is a disease that destroys the tissues linking your joints together. The results are inflammation of the joints with stiffness and considerable pain at times. Arthritis in lower back areas can be considerably annoying since we use the muscle areas around our lower spine whenever we move around from lying or seated position to standing or even just walking can be painful. When arthritis in lower back joints becomes inflamed it can severely restrict our mobility and cause great pain.

Those who are at risk for arthritis in lower back joints are generally people over the age of 60, those who are considerably obese, people who have engaged in heavy labor over a number of years and those who have suffered injuries to those spinal areas. In essence, the wear and tear of the continued stress caused by obesity, injuries or work makes them more vulnerable to the effects of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form that affects humans, the effect on the lower back is considerably noticeable, though this type of arthritis can affect any joint tissue. When combined with the degeneration of the discs which help us to bend, then the arthritis in lower back areas can be almost crippling in nature. In particular in the early mornings when those suffering from the effects are trying to get out of bed, the stiffness can be quite severe though in many cases it will loosen up during the day. Overly strenuous activity or further injury can cause a worsening of the symptoms.

In more severe cases, the joints in the lower spine can form bone spurs which can cause the nerves to be pinched between them. This can cause great difficulty and often surgery is needed to remove the spurs. Generally speaking, arthritis in the lower back will gradually degenerate the joint tissues over time and the patient feels more immobile if no treatment is sought over the years.

However, there are some effective treatments that can help alleviate the symptoms although it will not reverse the condition of arthritis in lower back areas. For those who are obese, losing weight can have a noticeable effect on reducing the pain. Even losing a few pounds will take some stress off the lower back areas.

Physical therapy is generally the most accepted treatment when done correctly as it helps to restore mobility, strengthen muscle groups that support the spine and even reduce overall pain that arthritis in lower back areas cause. Other basic treatments include applying ice to the affected area to reduce the inflammation and heat to loosen up the muscles and create more mobility.

For those with more advanced stages of arthritis, anti-inflammatory medicine may be prescribed along with chiropractic treatment to help relived the symptoms of arthritis in lower back areas. Such treatments may even include an epidural injection to administer the anti-inflammatory drugs directly. In severe cases, spinal fusion surgery may be required to immobilize the affected areas and further reduce the pain.

Arthritis in lower back areas cannot be cured, but it can be effectively treated for a lifetime of mobility and less pain, contacting your physician is the first step towards overcoming the symptoms of arthritis in the lower back.

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