Arthritis: a joint disorder affecting both the young and the old

Getting old is not something people must be afraid of, it must be celebrated.  However, not all people are happy about it because of health reasons, the older people get, the more illnesses they’ll face.  It is true, and it is because the muscles, joints, organs, and other cells degenerate and gradually lose its motor and functional abilities.  One of the most common problems when people grow old is arthritis.  Although, this condition is not only common for older people, it can even attack the younger ones.

Arthritis is not just of one type, it has several kinds depending on the part of the body that’s attacked or the damage that it has caused.  Arthritis is actually a group of conditions that damage or hurt the joints of the body.  These different groups of arthritis have different forms and causes, as well.  But, there’s one thing that’s common among them, it features pain for a person, and every type of arthritis gives off a different level or degree of pain as well, depending on which part of the body that arthritis has attacked.  Some may be most painful during the night, or it may attack during the early hours of the morning.  In some cases also, there may not be any pain felt, but people tend to be moving less or slowly, or they may not even just move that affected joint or body part at all.

Arthritis doesn’t really show significant symptoms, it’s oftentimes just felt by the individual.  The pain that’s felt at that moment or the joints that are painful or the duration of the pain or the gravity of the pain are usually the determinants and guide that a person is experiencing arthritis.  Also, a person can go to a doctor for a physical examination to determine if the affected painful joints are progressing into arthritis or a more severe case.  Usually, to test the severity of the arthritis or to check its magnitude and type of arthritis, several test procedures are done — radiographs, blood tests, x-rays, etc.

Although one can prevent the occurrence of arthritis through eating good food, having a healthy diet, exercising properly, and keeping a healthy lifestyle, it is still not an assurance that one can evade such condition.  What is important is that a person checks with a doctor regularly to update him of his condition and so that he can receive medical attention if in case there are other problems or complications that will arise because of this.  Arthritis dates back to centuries ago, so it may still be here for quite sometime, because somehow it is part of the degeneration of the muscles and joints of the body.