Acute Gout Treatment

Having gout could be a very terrible experience to have, and unless quick medical intervention is sought, the disease could render one immobile with serious consequences on one’s social life and career. Alternatively, how do you think someone with chronic gout on his big toes would see to his business in the office and elsewhere. What then is acute gout and what gout treatment could you use to cure yourself of this terrible affliction when you come down with one?

Gout is usually considered acute when it lasts for up to 3 months and it is considered chronic when it lasts for several months and even years. Acute gout comes about when there are excess or unprocessed uric acids in the body; and when this uric acid crystals form at a particular joint or toe, there is painful swelling and inflammations of the area most especially as a result of the body defense mechanisms fighting the infection. At the rise of the infection around the joints or toes, the body’s white blood cells rush off to the site to fight the invasion but the uric crystals react back, and this causes the painful swelling and inflammations that you experience.

Acute gout is most common among men than it is in women, and though the genetic tendency to have it could be inherited, it is bound to occur when an individual eats food that is rich in purine contents. Purine-rich diet are diets that are too rich in red meat, salmon or mackerel, spinach, beetroot, turkey and animal organs like kidney, tongue, heart and liver among others. These foods increase the body’s production of uric acid and can promote the formation of uric crystals to attack joints and toes.  They cause severe arthritis, most especially if the kidneys and liver cannot effectively eliminate them from the system. Gout could be mild and severe, but how then can you cure acute gout or what gout treatment is available to a patient?

First, the patient has to change his diet and do away with any food that can increase the chances of producing more uric acids than is necessary. You must avoid those foods that have been listed above among others, and you must never take alcohol. Then you must eat many cherries and drink lots of water. Eating about 6 to 8 cherries per day has been medically and widely reported as having profound effects on curing gout. Gout treatment like eating cherries would enable the chemical compound anthocyanidins of flavonoids in the fruit to hinder the body’s production of uric acids; and using water as a form of gout treatment would easily flush away excess acid crystals from the body.

You may also use vitamin C intake as a form of gout treatment when you take lots of them. Vitamin C helps the body manage the uric acid levels, and when taken together with some other recommended medications, you will find them very effective as a form of gout treatment of acute gout.

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