Acute Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a condition that comes in both acute and chronic categories. Some of the back pain treatment for both has some similarities but there are also some differences. The important thing before starting back pain treatment is to seek out what has caused it and then treat it.

Acute Back Pain Treatment

The term acute means that the pain usually lasts less than a few months only. This could signify that the back pain is temporary and can be easily treated with over the counter or prescription medication. Pain relievers are usually the first back pain treatment option recommended by doctors. The reason for this is that many cases of back pain occur due to over exertion, muscle strain and others. Most cases appear to be easily cured through rest, therapy and medication.

Back pain treatment such as rest and therapy may be accompanied by medication such as anti-inflammatory medicines and muscle relaxants. The anti-inflammatory medication is necessary to reduce any inflammation which may have occurred due to the injury. Muscle relaxants are also great for acute back pain treatment. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are the usual over the counter treatment for many people who suffer from back pain, be it as upper or lower back pain treatment.

Chronic Back Pain Treatment

The initial back pain treatments for those who suffer from chronic back pain are usually pain relievers such as those for acute back pain. In spite of the temporary relief that these medication can bring, there are also some forms of therapies and exercises which are recommended to ease the discomfort of back pain as well as to reduce its occurrence. Since chronic back pain may last long or may be repetitive, the regular practice of therapy and exercise may have positive effects on the person. These back pain treatments work well in combination with each other. There is also a new medication which is usually used to treat depression and affects the nervous system which can actually help as back pain treatment. For severe pain, surgery may be necessary for the kind of back pan that can be treated with it. There are some limitations with regards to surgery for some people which may cause the negation of surgery.

For both acute and chronic back pain treatment, massage and the application of compresses may work well. Hot compression therapy often works wonders for most kinds of back pain as well as other muscle and joint pains.